Windows Phone 7 exclusive to AT&T at launch?

With all of the buzz around Windows Phone 7, the question that comes to mind is: "Where will Windows Phone 7 be available?" In the US, Microsoft appears to have followed the path of Apple and gone strictly with AT&T at first, according to the WSJ. Although Microsoft is expected to bring their platform to other mobile networks in the first half of 2011.

Microsoft's launch event in New York City, as well as satellite events are crucial to demonstrating the quality and sleekness of the new phone set, specifically comparing their line to Google's Android platform and Apple's iPhone. Making a statement and truly demonstrating that WP7 is an all-new form of a mobile OS that is not like the previous Windows Mobile series is critical. Many are fearful of Windows Phone 7 as they think it will be just like everything before it, and Microsoft is clearly demonstrating that they have a new platform and not just a rehash.

After the launch event, AT&T will start to carry the Windows Phone 7 platform through three different handsets on November 8. LG, Samsung, and HTC will all be providing phones to run the mobile OS, attempting to create a better variety of phones than Apple's iOS has. T-Mobile has also listed a launch event for the same day where it will demonstrate T-Mobile powered devices running Windows Phone 7. It's not yet clear whether T-Mobile is ready to launch devices on November 8. The software giant delayed the U.S. launch to allow AT&T and T-Mobile extra time to ready devices according to sources familiar with Microsoft's plans.

Windows Phone 7, as Neowin reviewed, has an all new interface, taking elements from Zune. The devices running Microsoft's new OS also have strict guidelines, which will place the phones on the higher end of smartphones. The company will also have an App Store, which is gaining developers quickly, but still has catching up to do to Apple's App Store. 

Windows Phone 7 handsets will be available on October 21 in Europe and November 8, 2010 from AT&T in the United States.

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I think the author should have focused on how long AT&T 'might' have exclusive rights to sell WP7 over T-mobile. There's still a chance that T-mobile may have to wait a couple weeks.

Maybe AT&T is labeling themselves as 'premiere' because they will just simply have more hansets from the outset.

This is really BS. i have been waiting to upgrade my Spring Palm Treo Pro with a new WP7 device. And now I may have to wait until later next year? Real BS.. That's all I can say...

XerXis said,
erm, is it just me or is this entire article one big contradiction

The article does mention T-Mobile albeit I don't recall any T-Mobile specific devices. Still, I assume that if they have a launch event they would have some devices ready.