Windows Phone 7.8 rolling out to Nokia Lumia devices

Nokia has announced today that Windows Phone 7.8 is now being pushed out to all Lumia 510, 610, 710, 800 and 900 devices. The company also stated that 7.8 has already been shipping on the Lumia 510.

They stated that following extensive testing, the platform is now ready for end user consumption and that consumers will begin seeing update notifications over the coming weeks. 

The 7.8 update will bring a host of new features to the platform but the one item most users are likely waiting for is the update to the start screen. The 7.8 update will give users the option to change the sizes of live tiles like Windows Phone 8  and also give the option of rotating lock screen images using a third party source.

While 7.8 is not a perfect solution for current owners of Windows Phone 7 devices, it certainly helps to bridge the gap between Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 7 since Windows Phone 7 devices will not be updated to Windows Phone 8.

Source: Nokia

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No update here yet. Disconnecting simply tells me that it can't connect to the update server unless I'm doing it wrong. You say 3 seconds but if I wait even 2 with the cable plugged in it would already say no updates available... oh well...

Try disabling your adapter instead. That'll give you more acurate timings on how long you've waited. Also, keep in mind this will probably vary depending on internet speed.

pretty sure I followed the instructions above correctly - waited 3 seconds - disabled the network but nothing happens - clicked off phone - then back to phone then update and of course it can't connect to the server -

You're disconnecting too quick if it says you can't connect to server. The third time around I had to play with it a few times until I disconnected at the right time. Sometimes it would work quicker, sometimes I had to wait a tad bit longer than 3 seconds...

Also, don't disconnect the cable - open your Adapter Settings and disable from there

10thmandown said,
Just got 7.8 on my unlocked Trophy. Looks great so far.

NEVER use that evil disconnect "trick". You risk Zune not updating the phone radio/drivers and there's nothing you can do to get them installed but to reflash stock with third party tools (with the usual risk of bricking) and redo all updates from start.

Has anyone noticed their volume (particularly when listening to music using headphones) had gone noticeably lower (Lumia 800)? It's like 30 has become what ~21 used to be... Pretty disappointed about that. That was one of the main things I use my phone for. Hopefully I can find some new ear buds that are louder... Kind of ironic with their warnings that loud sounds can damage your hearing...

Upgraded my 710 last night, the new startscreen is very nice. Some other newbies too.
Very nice upgrade for us 7.5 users :-)

Got the disconnect trick to work but now it seems to be stuck trying to download the update. Guess I'll keep trying and see what happens.

Yay - Disconnect-trick is tricky, but worked for me:
Nokia Lumia 800 (probably unlocked but bought via TDC) "about" in Settings says:
Denmark SW variantID 514 v.01

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