Windows Phone 7.8 ROM leaks for HTC HD7

It's somewhat bizarre that we still don't know much about Windows Phone 7.8, but today it gets even stranger. It seems that a working Windows Phone 7.8 ROM for the HTC HD7 has leaked onto XDA Developers thanks to a user by the name of dotcompt and is available for download now.

Windows Phone 7.8 running on a device with a cracked screen

According to the thread, the ROM was dumped from a Nokia device running the build and has been hacked to work on the HD7 with a combination of old and new boot files (it actually uses Tango's kernel to function). It comes with a build number we haven't seen yet; 7.10.8835.35. 

Windows Phone Hacker says that the ROM boots, but is very buggy and unstable, and even the developer himself says he hasn't tested it properly yet. Additionally, nobody in the thread has risked their phone for the cause, so we wouldn't recommend this one just yet, but it might mean we'll hear more news in the near future about Windows Phone 7.8.

Source: XDA-Developers

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Ambious said,
HD2 port coming in 10... 9... 8....

Yes please. I've been running 7.5 Tango now for several months on my old HD2. I can dual boot with Android but Android is just too inconsistent and slooooooooooooow by comparison. Tango is incredibly quick even on such old hardware. Now it looks like 7.8 must be the last OS for the HD2 - surely the greatest smartphone ever made.

Ambious said,
HD2 port coming in 10... 9... 8....

Ah the HD2. Such a good phone. I remember when I had it. However, it's time to let go. It's like sticking to XP ages after new stuff has arrived.

drlacus said,
Now look at that beauty... a new games hub tile... maybe also a new games hub?

The new icon is barely "new" it's been shown at the first WP8 event.

DrakeN2k said,
Its not the screen, he is holding... oh wait.

I guess if you're going to risk bricking a phone, you might as well risk breaking a phone that already has a cracked screen.