Windows Phone 8 NFC and mobile wallet features detailed

Nokia will put in NFC features in its Windows Phone 8-based Lumia 920 smartphone, and the Lumia 820 will have an optional NFC case. HTC has also said it will have NFC features in its Windows Phone 8X device. Today, Microsoft went over some more aspects of the NFC features in Windows Phone 8 during an address at the NFC World Congress. reports that Microsoft showed how the NFC hardware can also be used for the mobile wallet feature in Windows Phone 8. The wallet will be centered on a "hub" where users can add payment cards which can be used for not just regular online purchases but also for NFC-based transactions.

The hub will also be the place where users can find special deals or price cuts that are powered by Microsoft's Bing search service. Windows Phone 8 developers can access what Microsoft is calling Wallet Agents to send users updates on news and special deals in their wallet hub.

Microsoft is working with Orange in France to develop its first NFC mobile wallet service and is in talks with other companies as well. John Skovron, group program manager for Windows Phone 8, added, " ... "we have strongly encouraged all of our handset partners"  to add NFC features to their Windows Phone 8 devices.

Source: | Image via Microsoft

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Access control will be one of the key features of NFC handsets. There are already European mobile telecoms employees who tavel to work, access their workplaces, use the vending machines, pay for stuff, etc using their NFC enabled phones. There are also hotels trialling offering fully NFC enabled services, where you book and check in on your phone, access the lift and your room using your NFC phone and then pay using mobile payments, from tapping a reader as you exit the hotel.

NFC is all about enabling day to day activities and making them better, faster, richer, more convenient. I look forward to their arrival on a mass market scale.

A killer feature for me would be if it could learn my RFID-based elevator pass signal, or my company-provided subway pass's signal.

I don't really see that happening, but with THAT, I could really ditch my wallet.

jasonon said,
sooo old handsets without nfc can get the wallet too?

It looks like it, but not the full feature set which is understandable IMO. Looking at the little picture at the top of the article it would then just default to using whatever bank apps/info and groupon type stuff you add into it but probably using some sorta QRcode on the screen that gets scanned instead of NFC.

jasonon said,
sooo old handsets without nfc can get the wallet too?

Lets not forget that would require WP8 and that's not coming to old handsets. I'm pretty sure it will use the encryption chip used for secure boot to handle security.

jasonon said,
sooo old handsets without nfc can get the wallet too?

Yes it will be pretty similar to the IPhone's passbook in terms of functionality when NFC is not available.

Nashy said,
I really want this to take-off so I can use it here in Australia.

Move away Melbourne MYKI...Here comes WP8. I can only dream...

wrack said,

Move away Melbourne MYKI...Here comes WP8. I can only dream...

And Brisbane's GoCard!
Man this will make my nights out more expensive as I'll have my cc with PayPass on it too rather than only my debit card with limited funds

wrack said,

Move away Melbourne MYKI...Here comes WP8. I can only dream...

This sort of thing would be perfect for national ticketing systems. I just can't see a lot of Governments being smart enough to make it work 100%.

In saying that, rarely do I use public transport.

Would love to see this on bowsers, car washes, etc.

That really is the biggest thing we need Microsoft, Google, and even Apple to evangelize: NFC != mobile payments. Google really dropped the ball by having NFC in the Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus but not doing anything with it besides Google Wallet which has pretty much fallen flat on its face. It's been more harmful than helpful to the push of NFC in the mindset of general consumers because this is pretty much what they say today: "NFC is that thing in my phone which I've never used. What is it?"