Windows Phone 8 update soon to be tested by carriers

Before the next major version of Microsoft's smartphone operating system arrives, users will get a smaller update that includes features such at FM radio support. And if a post from a wireless service provider is accurate, that update may be coming relatively soon.

According to a post by a member of Telstra's products and services team, the Australian carrier will begin testing the GDR2 update in a matter of weeks. The representative's post in full is as follows:

The GDR2 update for the Lumia 920 has not been provided to Telstra for testing yet. Nokia have informed us that they are expecting to submit in mid-May and have not been able to bring that date in any further. I will include schedule details in the next status update post which I hope to have out in a weeks time.

Testing of the GDR2 update likely won't take a significant period of time, meaning users should receive the update by the end of the month or in early-to-mid June if the timeline mentioned by the representative is accurate.

"GDR" stands for "General Distribution Release," essentially meaning the update is for all Windows Phone devices. Among the features expected in the GDR2 release are storage improvements and the aforementioned FM radio support (for phones that have FM tuners, such as Nokia's Lumia 920), although Nokia is reportedly testing its own version of the update that will include the ability to wake a device up by double tapping on its screen.

The last Windows Phone 8 GDR release was the "Portico" update that began rolling out in December. That update included minor bug fixes and improvements to Windows Phone 8 such as persistent WiFi, the ability to respond to incoming calls with SMS messages and Internet Explorer 10 improvements. Microsoft is reportedly working on a third GDR release for Windows Phone8 devices, GDR3, which may bring support for 1080p and quad-core devices.

Source: Telstra via WMPoweruser

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this is good news the only bad is since its carrier that calls the shots I have a feeling t-mobile is going to hold off on the updates -.-

While Telstra may be about to begin testing they'll likely release mid November, they have a habit of beign late, they have been since Nodo!

trip21 said,
While Telstra may be about to begin testing they'll likely release mid November, they have a habit of beign late, they have been since Nodo!

Yes, mid-November... but WHICH YEAR???

Thats cool but how about Joe Belfiore and the windows team communicate what we can expect at some point. Where did the communications strategy go?? All I've seen since Portico is a bunch of twitter comments and teases!

1. Wireless synching, I have the wireless charger but I sill have to dock to my PC to sync.
2. A better player for audio books. I am always fumbling around with the rewind and seek
3. Support for .mkv files
4. Global device search.
5. Different lock screen password entry system. I would like to use Symbols/Lines.
6. Boost the volume, it is just too low for music and videos.
7. Deeper integration with Skype.
8. Notification center.

I have a yellow Lumia phone in the game right now

Can't see .mkv support coming in but YES to everything else. And custom notification sounds, what would that take 1/2 a days work for a junior dev.

1) would be useful, yes I agree with you
2) I would rephrase your wish more generic: replace that crappy **** xbox music+video app with Windows Media player. Even WMP sucks compared to VLC (I am counting the days till they release it for W8-RT-WP8), but that xbox music+video is the ********* junk I have ever seen in terms of functionality (the lack of, I shall say). No folder-views, starts playing RANDOM(!) music immediately every time its paired with bluetooth car system without asking me, videos cannot be sorted but shown on a single screen (I have dozens of videos, some of them sorted in folders like series, cannot find which one comes after which one, unless I rename them into sequence).
3) You must be really joking? Seriously.. Never in the blue moon will any official MS software play .MKV, I bet my annual salary on this.
4) Agree. Its a joke, that we have a dedicated search button, and all what is capable of doing is to open that crappy bing. And bing can only search on internet, not on the phone. Big F.
5) The one introduced in W8 (picture password), or the swiping like in Android?
6) Separate volume for the phone and separate volume for apps. I think we see here the biggest step-back since smartphones entered the market a couple of years ago. I bet my half-annual salary, this whole WP8 platform will go into the cemetary without this being solved anytime.
7) Maybe. I listened to all the reports on the internet regarding Skype and phone freezes / battery draines / etc. so I avoided Skype like a plague.
8) Maybe, lets see.

I hope this next update brings some sanity to business users with strict EAS encryption policies. Otherwise the phone is still useless in most business environment. WP8 should be on par with iPhone and recent Android builds.

primortal said,
Nice I can plan on VZW releasing it sometime in December

If ever...

Speaking of... Where is the program where we can get the updates early?

M_Lyons10 said,

If ever...

Speaking of... Where is the program where we can get the updates early?

Unfortunately is MIA...

I hate updates being rolled out by carrier. I'm on giffgaff, who don't sell any phones, so my Lumia 820 is still stuck on version 8.0.9903.10, which is before the "Portico" update back in December. Why can't Microsoft let us just download the update from their site to a PC and update it via USB?!

Well since you didn't buy your phone from GiffGaff then why would getting firmware updates have anything to do with them!?

If you phone was bought sim-free then you'll get the update when other sim-free users do, and if it was bought through another network carrier then likewise.