Windows Phone 8.1 will support Miracast, if Microsoft can finish it in time

Over the last few days, tons of details about Microsoft’s upcoming Windows Phone 8.1 update have been revealed out thanks to an SDK leak. We have seen loads of new features be uncovered and the latest to be spotted is the support for Miracast.

We had seen previously in the leaks that there was a ‘project my screen’ feature but the protocol was previously unknown. While many expected that it would be Miracast, thanks to its inclusion in other Windows products, it now appears to be confirmed thanks to the leaked documentation.

Miracast is a screen-casting standard that uses WiFi direct that allows you to easily share your display on another device. It could be compared to Apple’s wireless protocol, Airplay, but seeing at it is a standard, many more devices can support the feature and makes it more robust option in the future.

Of course, this could all be for not if Microsoft is not able to finish the support in time. As clearly noted in the documentation above, this feature will be on the chopping block if the code is not perfected before the launch of the platform.

It’s important to note that all of the leaked features are subject to axing before RTM. With leaks such as this, the code is not final and the wish list of features Microsoft would like to include, is still clearly present. As the deadline moves closer, any feature that is not close to being completed will likely be removed and included in a later revision of the software.

Even if Miracast does not make it into Windows Phone 8.1, there is a very good chance it will be included in the future release seeing as the documentation (and likely matching UI) are already in development. With more and more users getting their hands on the SDK and the documentation that accompany it, we will surely see more tidbits like this surface over the next few days and weeks that will highlight even more features.

Of course, Microsoft may have hidden a few gems from the SDK and documentation knowing full-well that the info would surely leak. If that’s true, there’s a good chance Microsoft still has a few tricks hidden away that may not be fully revealed until the company brings the update in the public spotlight.

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does anyone around here, know if current wp8 devices (eg. my 920) will support miracast, supposed it's baked into wp8.1?? is it just a software protocol over wifi, or needs special h/w??

Considering most people with Windows 8.1 still don't have Miracast. Both NVidia and ATI claimed it'd be available in their drivers but I've got machines with both brands of cards and still no love.

Isnt it supported on the OS level? I havent tested it but I thought as long as you had wireless and a Miracast receiver you could project your screen to it. I could be wrong about it as I am not sure exactly how it works.

But I gathered that miracast turns your screen into a mpeg-4 and "broadcasts" it to the receiver which then displays it like a movie. But it has to connect to the device somehow and generally that is done through a private or adhoc network to the receiver.

But, I may be all wrong on that =). I just remember that from somewhere...

Nope, the video driver is supposed to support it. From all of MS's documents, if it was WDDM 1.3 or whatever, it should support it. But I've got 1.3 level drivers on a notebook with NVidia and got ATI in two Windows 8.1 desktops. In dxdiag, all three show Miracast Support: No. Windows can basically connect to the miracast device, but not project. Pretty sure the other end works, because, you know, 3 android devices connect to it, one intel notebook and one intel tablet work just fine.

Interesting. Thanks for that clarification.

I hope they get support out sooner than later because I think its a big deal but it seems to be taking forever to catch on; if it ever will. =)

"multi-screen aware" seems more than just mirroring.

as I understand it, that could mean displaying a powerpoint presentation using miracast, while having something else on the screen (notes and slideshow control), which indeed would require more implementation work than just miracast (which is already implemented on Windows RT and should be quite easy to port to WP8).

AsherGZ said,
You can already do this using their Office Remote app:

yes, but in this specific example it's just an app that acts as a remote to control a PC.

I'm talking about a PC-free solution, where the Windows Phone would send to a miracast receiver a different view than what is displayed on the phone screen. Basically, that would be a kind of multimonitor support.

Okay this is the killer feature im looking for in WP8.1. I know others are hanging out for notification centre etc but this one has me excited for the release, come on MS get it finished in time!!

The scope of changes and new features introduced in this update is amazing, and even if some of them fail to make it to RTM, they might come at a later date, and to think that (almost) all WP8 devices will get them...

Being an early WP8 adopter is certainly paying off grandly.
Now I can face those friends who I recommended WP8 to without guilt.

P.S. I wonder how MS will approach WP9. Will it come to WP8 devices at all? If so, will it be free or that it'll be at a cost?

I like to think it is free, but your current device may die after 2 years.

agreed, they'll get the money from the next phone they get as most will upgrade every 2 years. Plus the store will be making money at least so that offsets it to

Wasnt it said that all the current WP8 devices (save those who have under a gig of RAM) can go to WP9? I want to try to keep my lumia 928 as long as possible before getting a new phone =). Though, 20+ megapixel cameras are tempting...

I like to think it is free, but your current device may die after 2 years.

Ha, I use a Nokia. It's indestructible and immortal!

Scabrat said,
Wasnt it said that all the current WP8 devices (save those who have under a gig of RAM) can go to WP9? I want to try to keep my lumia 928 as long as possible before getting a new phone =). Though, 20+ megapixel cameras are tempting...

They said WP8 current Lumia's (minus the t-mobile one) would receive all OS updates untill 2016, which should include WP9.