Windows Phone 8S by HTC video review

Hopefully you've all read my in-depth written review of the HTC Windows Phone 8S, and now it's time to take a look at the device in action. The entry level device impresses with a solid polycarbonate unibody design and a decent amount of speed from the 1.0 GHz dual-core processor, so check out this video review to see some gaming on the device, benchmarks, and a closer look at the display and camera.

Unfortunately me time with the device was short and I didn't get to show off some of the features of Windows Phone 8, but luckily here on Neowin we have a Windows Phone 8 review just in case you haven't seen the OS in person before.

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Richard Cousins said,
A great device crippled by only having about 1.7GB for apps

Which isn't an issue for mainstream consumers, the target audience of this phone. The only apps that would fill up 1,7GB are XBOX games and perhaps too much downloaded maps. Music, videos, etc all go in the SD card.

I dont think the internal memory will be a factor for this phone, its a bigger problem for the 8X.