Windows Phone ads are going to the movies

A couple of days ago Microsoft uploaded a two minute video ad for Windows Phone featuring Olypmic gold medalist Kerri Walsh and the Nokia Lumia 920, with a cameo from Microsoft's Surface. Today, it was revealed that video clip won't be heading to a TV set but rather projected in thousands of movie theaters.

Ad Week reports that Microsoft has signed a deal with with with National CineMedia to place that long form Windows Phone ad on over 19,000 movie screens before movies such as The Hobbit and Zero Dark Thirty. In addition, Microsoft will set up some interactive lobby displays in those same theaters.

This is a long term arrangement between Microsoft and National CineMedia and it will include similar promotional campaigns for other Microsoft products such as Windows 8, Surface, the Xbox 360 and more; financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

So what's the difference between a commercial shown in the movie theaters versus a TV ad? One is that the ad will have a captive audience; there's no clicking on the remote in a movie theater to bypass the commercial.

Betsy Webb, the general manager of of global media at Microsoft Marketing, states, "We see cinema as a great way for us to go beyond that 30-second TV ad and continue a conversation with consumers in an interesting way. Branded entertainment on the big screen will let us tell stories about people’s lives and how they use technology."

Source: Ad Week

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I went to see the Hobbit in the UK a few weeks ago, and the majority of the adds were for Windows Phone/the Nokia Lumia. They were actually quite laughable quality ads.

This is excellent news! People will actually sit there and watch it, whereas with TV and internet there's risk of them skipping/missing it. People will be aware and hopefully amazed

What don't you like it about? I think this ad is fantastic and one of the best ones. It's personal and straight to the point, showcases a LOT of features while keeping it short, while also showcasing great integration with the Surface! Most of all, it showcases how it fits in her personal life and it's HER phone (not a typical phone that everyone has)... which is the beauty of WP, each phone is personal to the owner.

This is fantastic, exactly what WP needs. So many young people go the the movies, and you know people in general. But it will be the young ones asking their parents for this and that. I expect this to have a significant impact on WP sales.