Windows Phone Marketplace adds five more countries

Microsoft continues to expand where people can download and purchase apps for their Windows Phone devices. Today, the Windows Phone blog site announced that citizens in five more countries, Argentina, Indonesia, Malaysia, Peru, and the Philippines, can now access the Windows Phone Marketplace. This means that the app store is now available in 41 countries around the world.

App developers who want to sell their products in Indonesia and Malaysia via Windows Phone Marketplace must also be aware of some additional app requirements due to specific laws in those territories. Microsoft is also accepting apps for developers to sell in China, which has not yet launched its app store but apparently will be doing so in the near future.

The number of apps that have been released via the Windows Phone Marketplace continues to accelerate. Less than two weeks ago, it was reported that 60,000 apps had been released via the app store. At the time of that report, 24,951 apps had been added to the store in the last 90 days and while 11,935 apps were added in the last 30 days. With the addition of five more countries and China in the wings, the app store could see an even bigger boost of apps available for Windows Phone owners.

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Please support all countries! United States is not the only country in the world. I may live there but know full well that without the others we would not get any of these awesome apps.

Has anyone considered that it may take different amounts of time to reach agreements with various partners (possibly new partners) that ms works with and develop a developer community in different countries?

mr lefleur said,
just pathetic, just make this available worldwide its no biggie, all your other apps are

Zune and Xbox Live aren't (and probably more). It's not that easy to do something global when exchanging money is involved.