Windows Phone Marketplace expanding to more countries

Microsoft has seen a rapid growth of applications that are being submitted to the Windows Phone Marketplace, for example late in December the number of apps for Windows Phone users reached the 50,000 mark. Now the official Windows Phone Developers blog is reporting that Microsoft will soon make the Windows Phone Marketplace available in several new countries.

Those countries will include China, which is the second biggest smartphone audience in the world next to the US. The other countries that will be added are Argentina, Indonesia, Malaysia, Peru and the Philippines. In all, 41 countries will have access to the Windows Phone Marketplace apps when those additional territories are added.

While app developers can go ahead and submit apps for those countries now to the Marketplace, they are not yet available, with Microsoft saying, "We will provide more information about availability of the Marketplace for customers in these markets in a future post."  In addition Microsoft states, "You should be aware that applications submitted to three of these six new markets – China, Indonesia and Malaysia – will be subject to additional requirements due to local laws, regulations or norms."

Adding China to the mix is obviously a big deal since a well made application created for the Chinese market has a good chance of being successful.

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So I can buy a Windows phone in a particular country but have no access to the store to buy apps? Thats not good.

Sadly, it's been a little more than a year since Windows Phone debuted and they still can't let you change countries on your Windows Live account for billing.

I don't know why it's taken them so long to change that, but I hope they get it done soon as I still can't purchase apps (free apps and games are great) or Zune Pass because I can't add my Mexican credit card info because my account was opened with United States as the country in the early days of the Live domain availability.

/rant off

Bring Zune Music and Video to the rest of Europe MS. I'm from the Netherlands and we only have Zune Video on the Xbox 360.

wolftail said,
Where is Romania? F you, Microsoft!

Romania is probably not going to receive market access any time soon. I have the same problem in Bulgaria, and just bypassed it by using a US-based live ID. Microsoft are just adding marketplace access to bigger markets first. Smaller countries such as Romania will have to wait a bit longer for official marketplace access.

wolftail said,
Where is Romania? F you, Microsoft!

LOL, I wanted to ask the same thing...I use the same approach XMac describes for using my Xbox in Romania, but there is a key difference between it and Windows Phone - the lack of Microsoft Points/Paypal support! By using those methods I can buy stuff from the Xbox Marketplace, whereas Windows Phone seems to be doing its utmost to keep people in most of the world from parting with their money. Now, if it were Android, not being able to pay would be far less of a problem because most apps people need are free, but that is really NOT the case with Windows Phone, which basically leaves you with a sliver of an already smaller app selection that you can actually use. If Google (and I believe also Apple) can take money from Romanian credit/debit cards, why not Microsoft??

I think a lot of people are put off buying Windows Phones by this kind of behavior...not to mention the fact that if Microsoft agrees to sell Windows Phones through 100% legit channels (in Romania's case, directly through all 3 major mobile carriers, which coincidentally are major international players also), why the hell don't they try to make money from apps as well?