Windows Phone Marketplace reaches 45,000 apps

The Windows Phone Marketplace app store for owners of Windows Phone-based devices continues to gain more and more apps for its users. Today the third party web site All About Windows Phone reports that, according to its calculations, the number of apps that have been published on the Windows Phone Marketplace has now exceeded the 45,000 mark.

The site claims that at the time of their news post, 45,610 apps have been published in the Windows Phone Marketplace. Of that number, 14,261 apps were added in the last 90 days and 5,837 app were added in the last 30 days. These numbers seem to show that the number of apps that are being made available to Windows Phone users is accelerating.

If the current trends continue, the Windows Phone Marketplace could reach the 50,000 app mark sometime in early January 2012, although it's possible that the app store could reach that milestone number before the end of 2011.

Even though the number of applications for Windows Phone users is increasing, it still has a long way to go to reach the numbers available to owners of iOS and Android-based devices. Today Apple announced that over 500,000 apps are now available to download for iPhone, iPad and iPhone Touch users.

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I stand corrected on the Netflix Bluetooth Audio issue. It's been a while between my Focus and new Titan. In that period they fixed Bluetooth Audio for video. Yaay! Now get some good apps. This is good. Netflix without bluetooth is worthless in the gym.

I'm all into Windows Phone and just got a new Titan. The OS and hardware blow away Android and iOS/iPhone. But let's be honest, 40,000 of those 45,000 apps are shovelware, worthless garbage.

The Marketplace did just get the best Navigation app, Navigon and has a great Lync Client. That and the XBox stuff are top notch. But Windows Phone is still missing many apps and peripherals as well especially in the health and fitness space. It appears to be easier to develop for iPhone than a Windows Phone with USB port.

If it has what you need (I'm really missing one fitness app that keeps me with my iOS devices) then Windows Phone hardware and software are much better. But that just proves, it's all about the apps.

Oh, and Windows Phone can't run the HTML Facebook mobile app, and it's Facebook app is completely inferior to its iOS counterpart. Also, Netflix still won't do bluetooth sound.

Windows Phone has a big upside but there's a lot of work to be done, and a lot of "quality" apps needed.

tuneslover said,
Long way to Microsoft, long way to go.
there may be a lot of apps, but still i feel the overall quality of the apps is lacking, the speed of most apps is usually a bit laggy when compared to an iOS counterpart

how many ios (& android) app numbers are simply added together - i.e iphone + ipod touch + ipad = 500000???

or more eloquently put :

iPlop + iPlip + iPoop = iSmellbullcrap ??

I don't like it. Harder to sift through the crap. I'd rather they had 25000 purposeful quality apps

Don't need it to be like the Android Market anytime soon

> it still has a long way to go to reach the numbers available to owners of iOS and Android-based devices

That should never be the goal.

I'm really drawn to WP7. I'm up for a new phone next June and would love to see handsets with higher PPI hit Sprint then (which I'm planning on switching to for family reasons). Otherwise, I'll probably go with another iPhone.

Shadrack said,
handsets with higher PPI hit Sprint

PPI? Pixels per inch?
Not gonna happen until the next major release of the phone platform. Probably long after your existing contract is up.

Stick with iPhone.

I am not a power user and I have HTC Radar 4G. I do not need all the apps. What I have already is plenty good enough and does well for me.

I love Windows Phone 7 (mango)! It syncs seamlessly with Windows Live Mail/Calendar/Contact/ etc. The "People" hub is so efficient, my friends who uses Android was really jealous of its function.

All in all, WP7 makes my life organized and efficient.

Muhammad Farrukh said,
No one is gonna use 500,00 apps. There should be quality, which is there in Windows Phone

False. WP7 has as much "quality" as any other app store. There's so much junk in WP7 that it's useless to look through the "new" section of apps.

That's coming from someone who uses WP7 as their primary phone, bought the HTC HD7 and then the Radar the day they came out, etc. Don't be a blind fanboy.

I'm not being blind.
The way I see it and use it daily, ther IS quality, of course not as much as the iOS store but given the 40K, 45K app number, the quality is pretty good to me and only second to iOS app store