Windows Phone Modern app for Windows 8 has been updated

Earlier this week, Microsoft updated its Windows Phone 8 desktop app for Windows 7 and 8, bringing it out of its preview stage and adding in some new features. Today, Microsoft has updated its Windows Phone app made for the Modern UI of Windows 8.

The Windows Store listing for the app has the details of what been included in this new update, which is also available for Windows RT device owners. Like the desktop app, the Modern Windows 8 app allows users to transfer photos, videos and other files from the PC to Windows Phone devices and vice versa, among other features. The change notes state:

The Windows Phone app now lets you browse documents, add them to your Windows Phone, and open files that are stored on your phone with other programs. We’ve also made it easier to add different types of files to your phone.

The Windows Phone app update for Windows 8 comes around the same time they released new versions of the Mail, Calendar, People and Messaging apps for the OS. We should also expect to see some new updates for Microsoft's in-house apps in June when the preview version of Windows 8.1 is released.

Source: Windows Store | Image via Microsoft

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Do like the Windows 8 Modern Phone app, I never used Wireless Sync in Zune when I had my Windows Phone 7, This program functions well for my needs so far, Hardly used Zune features in the past, so less features in this one doesn't seem to bother me, keeps my music synced on the phone, and that is what I expect it to do

Last time I tried to use this to sync my music collection, it created duplicates of all of the music from Xbox Music on the phone. I have music that Xbox Music did not match so my entire collection only exists on my Surface Pro and Windows 8 desktop (kept in sync with Skydrive). Did they fix this issue?

And off topic, but the Windows 8 music app on my surface pro just decided to stop downloading songs that I download/purchase on my Windows Phone... Xbox Music is still a screwed up mess.

These updates are great, but who is making the decision not to make one great sync app? Instead a half-way there Modern and Desktop app? What is that? What's going on?

I would actually love a one-stop shop sync app for EVERYTHING... like a Windows Sync app. To manage music, documents, everything to sync between PCs, phones, etc. To actually see what's synced and what's not, to mark items for syncing on next plug in, etc (just like Zune).

The desktop app is there primary for windows 7 users that have windows phone 8 but it can also be used in windows 8 and we all know that not everyone wants to use the modern side of windows 8.

Stupid question of the day, but does this replace the older Zune software for use with the Zune, or is it ONLY for Windows Phone?

I got the update last night. It's much better, but still no near amazing as the Zune software.
I miss my music management and syncing all in one place.

j2006 said,
I got the update last night. It's much better, but still no near amazing as the Zune software.
I miss my music management and syncing all in one place.

Agreed. And Zune was a nice layed out program too. I loved the screen saver when you were playing music.

Yup, the Zune software was fantastic, especially the Now Playing screen.

Typical of Microsoft to almost get something just right only to kill it and replace it with inferior software.