Windows Phone still trails BlackBerry for consumer use in the UK

BlackBerry has not had a lot of good news in the past couple of years. With its own CEO suggesting he was was possibly the only one who would take the job, a name change (from RIM), and their massively overhauled BlackBerry 10 OS, nothing has been able to stop the decline of the once mighty enterprise choice of smartphone. So it may come as some surprise that in recent findings by data tracker Kantar, BlackBerry is still the preferred choice for consumers in the UK over Windows Phone.

First uncovered by The Guardian's technology editor, Charles Arthur, the graph shows that Windows Phone is still behind BlackBerry as the fourth eco system, despite BlackBerry's terrible worldwide market share, that currently stands at 0.8% and is expected to fall even further.

Last month, industry analysts IDC measured a worldwide 3.5% market share for Windows Phone, making it the third most popular eco-system behind iOS and Android with an expected growth to 6.4% by 2018; in stark contrast to BlackBerry's share of the pie, which is predicted to crumble to a lowly 0.3% by 2018.

BlackBerry was a firm favorite in the Enterprise until recent times.

It may come as a somewhat bittersweet bit of news for the company which still has a small foothold in the UK, but if these industry analysts are right, then that victory, it seems, will be short-lived.

Source: Twitter | Image via Slash Gear

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Problem is that the data in the chart is skewed towards BB, the data is from March 04 - March 14 but the data shown in the chart only goes up to Sep 13. The problem I have is that there is no link to the data Kantar provided and it's based off Ad hits, if anything the chart shows that UK WP users use ad free apps instead.

Steven P. said,
I agree that those numbers may not represent the true market share as of 2014, but it was still a worthwhile mention imo :p

I think BlackBerry will fade faster than predicted, it's starting to disappear from carriers and stores everywhere. For example, the biggest carrier in Portugal (MEO) only sells the 9220. Vodafone sells the 9320... Other countries should have similar situations.

Although I think it's safe to say that people in Portugal who buy a carrier locked BlackBerry aren't the smartest of the bunch...

I still see a lot of people around here in the UK with Blackberry Curves so that's believable. Blackberry is still popular with teenagers due to BBM (so i'm told by my younger cousins)

BlackBerry in the UK is a quickly fading fad among teens. With BBM releasing on other platforms, there's just no reason to buy a curve unless you haven't discovered just how awesome touch keyboards have become. The keyboard in Windows Phone is excellent, no doubt about that.

Just by the chart information you can see that windows phones will get most of the bb then android then IOS. So ita not that much longer until bb is last again in a country.

Won't be that way for long. Most local shops around by me have stopped selling them (other than Argos). Not just that but all i see on facebook for sale pages is people getting rid of BlackBerry's and when looking for phones to buy or swap on facebook nearly everyone saying "No BlackBerry's".

Sad times for BlackBerry never liked the phones myself but it's nice to have an extra big player to push the others into making something even more great.

I think if looked at new sales this is different, an awful lot of PAYG backberrys (with teen owners) and long contracts to end I think.

Plus, where are the figures on that, the graph shows them pretty equal.

Kantar is based on ad revenue/hits. In UK there is a huge amount of kids with BBs generally on free (add supported) apps.. makes sense..