Windows RT 8.1 to come with Outlook 2013 client

Microsoft announced today at Computex 2013 that Windows RT 8.1, the free update to Windows RT coming later this year, will bring an Outlook 2013 desktop client to the operating system. The app will sit alongside Word, PowerPoint and Excel as the applications from Office 2013 that are bundled with the operating system.

This news will satisfy people such as NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang, who earlier this year prayed to the 'Outlook God' to bring Outlook to Windows RT. He said consumers were "waiting with bated breath" for thin, ARM-powered tablets with long battery lives that could run a proper Outlook client (not the lackluster Mail app bundled with Windows RT), and it seems like Microsoft will be delivering later this year.

No other information about the client was given today, but expect to learn more about Outlook 2013 in Windows RT at BUILD 2013, which is scheduled to occur later this month.

Source: Engadget

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This will definitely make it a more viable low-end enterprise BYOD device, but I don't think it will do anything to help it in the consumer space.

So glad it's going to be the proper desktop Outlook, not some ModernUI redo. I don't currently use Outlook, but I would seriously consider it now, if for no other reason that to support a good decision on Microsoft's part.

thechronic said,
Why don't they just have one mail app instead of Mail and Outlook on Windows 8.1? Unify your products Microsoft!
Because Mail is ment to be used for mails and Outlook is ment to be used for mails, planning, contacts, etc.

Because one is better when I'm using my Surface in touch mode, one is better, when I'm at my desk using it like a laptop.

thechronic said,
Why don't they just have one mail app instead of Mail and Outlook on Windows 8.1? Unify your products Microsoft!

They're making Windows RT and Surface a greater value over sticking with legacy x86 and Windows 8; IMHO if Microsoft play their cards right then eventually I could see a rise of ARM being a replacement for most people - maybe in the future we'll see ARM based desktops too? that would be pretty damn awesome to see especially when you consider what you could accomplish with such a low power and low heat CPU such as a super think AIO computer that is less than an inch thick with a super fast SSD and Thunderbolt or some other high speed connection for expandability.

Interesting, with the next update to the arm series combined with 8.1 and now outlook, guess RT is far from KO'd in the wake of clovertrail and baytrail

Very good to hear, this should make RT a very nice prospect for users that want a device primarily for consumption (ARM based, long battery life, metro apps etc.) which can also fulfil their office needs (assuming, like me the majority of their work is in office and need outlook).

I'm intrigued to see what management functionality MS brings to RT for the enterprise front as well.

Of course this doesn't really effect the majority of consumers (where the RT devices compete with iPad/android tabs etc.) as all that's really needed are RT apps and a browser.

"Surface will get Outlook 2013 RT as part of Windows 8.1 for free via the Windows Store"
Does this mean a Desktop app or a Metro app I wonder...

TheCyberKnight said,
Unfortunately, a desktop app.
They really just don't get it.

It's funny in each article I've read on this subject at least one person has posted how they're disappointed if will be a desktop app. No offense, but perhaps it is you who doesn't get it. Do you even own a Windows RT device??

I do. I've got a Surface RT with a type keyboard. Maybe you like poke typing on an onscreen keyboard, but I don't. Sure it's ok for simple web browsing, but if I'm going to be typing an email, I'm going to be using the real keyboard with my Surface in laptop mode (that means kickstand out). Outlook as a desktop application makes perfect sense to me, and is much preferable in my opinion. It's likely I'll start using it, whereas if it was an Modern UI app, probably not.

same as the current icon i have for Outlook 2013 (except the background on this one is grey and mine is blue)