Windows RT-based Dell XPS 10 adds AT&T LTE option

Sales of Windows RT-based tablets are pretty slow, so much so that PC OEMs have tried to cut prices on the products in recent weeks. However, Dell has enough confidence in its own Windows RT tablet, the XPS 10, that it's actually adding a new hardware option for the road warriors who might use it.

Dell's official blog has announced that it has added a LTE wireless option to the 64 GB version of the XPS 10 that runs on AT&T's 4G LTE network. The LTE option is not available for the cheaper 32 GB XPS 10.

Of course, people who choose to add the $100 LTE antenna must also pay AT&T for a data plan. AT&T offers users a way to pre-pay for their XPS 10 data plan, or they can choose to pay a monthly fee starting at $30 a month. People who are already AT&T customers can add the Dell XPS 10 tablet under the Mobile Share plan for $10 a month.

Recently, Neil Hand, the head of Dell's tablet and high-end PC business, said that demand for Windows RT products are "not where I would like it to be at this point in time." However, he added that Dell still has plans to launch future Windows RT tablets.

Source: Dell | Image via Dell

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Hmm... for some reason RT and XPS just don't sound right in the same name. I always think of XPS as the more powerful systems.

These machines should always come with a in built 4G/3G option. I find it hard to believe that Surface did not include these options.

Not only that but they should include a small amount of free data. I mean is 100MB/mo too much to ask? The Chromebooks that use Verizon have 200MB/mo included for the first 2 years and you can buy more via pre-paid if you want.

This is definitely needed. Windows 8/RT was designed to be connected. Why have Live Tiles if the apps can't stay connected to the net? The omission of a cellular radio from the Surface was a big mistake. Tethering is a PITA.