Windows RT flash player tool lets you easily white-list websites

If you use a Microsoft Surface or any other Windows RT product, there is a little known feature, if you want to call it that, which allows authorized web pages to display Flash content in the Metro modern browser.

While not every user may know about this or care about the white-list, some users may wish to be able to add other sites to this list so that they can view the flash content in the modern browser.

While updating the list was never difficult to begin with for experienced users, a Neowin forum user, DroidKid, has put together a small application that makes adding sites to the white-list a simple process.

As you can see in the image above, the process is quite simple. By following the on-screen commands, you can easily add a new site to the white-list in about 2 minutes, according to the author.

Two users along with the author have confirmed that the tool is working; let us know in the comments below if you have any issues or spot any bugs.

Download: Windows RT Flash Player Tool

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If you select option 2 it will restore the default list and turn the default setting on to auto update the list. If you select option

1 it will import the custom list I have on there and turn off the auto update feature.

you best bet is to do option 1 and then what ever flash sites do not work, you can use option 3 to add them and it will append it to your current list.

I will be looking into that as well, I started this last week. It was kind of a quick thing for a few friends. The more feed back the better, I have a thread on here and XDA.

I never had any luck getting Xtube to work when I manually edited the whitelist. This looks like a nice shortcut, so I'm excited to try again.

hi droidkid, I cant get option 3 to work. I enter the website and I still get the flash error message. I tried using your example with no luck. any other walk throughs available?

Hmm really that's the first. So you're entering it in without the www. or http prefix right?
Please try option 2 first to restore your whitelist and settings to default then try option 3 again. You are the first person to have an issue I'm quite curious

if that doesn't work could you give me some background info.
1. Have you attempted to do any whitelist customization at all?
2. What is your user profile name (there could be a path issue)
3. Please attempt to clear your temp folder (open run type %temp% and delete everything in there)

Initial results look promising, but I'll need to do some more testing when I get a chance. Thanks for providing this - it's a lot easier than editing the file manually.

This is actually a neat little program, saves me from editing the XML file manually Good work to the dev keen on some updates though! I might wrap this into a .NET application so Jailbroken users can have a nice GUI!

ingramator said,
This is actually a neat little program, saves me from editing the XML file manually Good work to the dev keen on some updates though! I might wrap this into a .NET application so Jailbroken users can have a nice GUI!

Thanks I'll have some of the small bugs fixed within the next week. I was thinking the .net as well but i figured this would be good to start for the everyday user.

Yes you are right it has, however RT uses a totally different platform that has certain limitations just like unabatedshagie said.

I tried adding a site after manually adding it before and it still would not work. It told me there was already a duplicate of the file and it won't work. I tried using option 2 to reset the compatibility list back to default, but when I tried adding the site after, it still said there was a duplicate. Is there something i'm doing wrong or is there another option I can try?

Can you please open the run command and navigate to %temp% and delete everything within that folder then run option 2 just to make sure everything it set to default. Please let me know if it works after that. if it does I can fix this in the next release.

This has happened to one other person and they were able to get it working using the above solution.

Hey i'm the dev for this tool, umm could you please inbox me a screen shot and could you also navigate to c:\users and tell me the folder name of your user account I will look into the issue or you.

that flash player tool is brilliant. So much easier than trying to manually add websites (which I have done previously), however, im trying to access one particular website that, whatever method I use, will not operate []
Any advice?

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