Windows RT tablet-laptop hybrid rumored by Lenovo

At CES 2012, Lenovo showed Neowin the IdeaPad Yoga, a laptop running the Developer Preview version of Windows 8 that had a screen that swiveled to turn the laptop into a large touch screen tablet. The product was running on an Intel-based processor. Now there's a rumor that Lenovo is working on a similar product that would run on Windows RT.

The Wall Street Journal reports, via unnamed sources, that the unnamed device would have an ARM-based chip made by NVIDIA, which is the same chip that Microsoft is using for the Windows RT version of the Surface tablet. Like the IdeaPad Yoga, this rumored Lenovo product would have a screen that swivels to switch the device from a laptop to a tablet and back again.

No other details about this device were mentioned in the report and there is no word on when it would be released. Microsoft has already said that the Windows RT version of Surface will launch on October 26th, the same day Windows 8 is scheduled to be commercially available.

While Lenovo has been quiet about its plans for the IdeaPad Yoga since CES 2012, the company did announce this week that it would release the ThinkPad Tablet 2, an Intel-based device running Windows 8 Pro, this October.

Source: Wall Street Journal

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Those Lenovo Yoga videos at CES made me cringe. Seriously why couldn't they find people to demo the units who spoke decent English?

Everything looks good except the keyboard on the back of tablet. It feels weird I guess when you have a keyboard underneath your finger when you hold it in tablet mode

Look at that, a company that tries to innovate instead of just moaning about MS building the Surface.
Good on you Lenovo!

Avatar Roku said,
Can we just call these tablet tops or tabtops instead of "tablet-laptop hybrids?"

Could just call them tablet PCs, or convertible PCs, like we always have. The modern form factor is technically a slate.

I'm largely amused by the reluctance to call tablets 'PCs' in the first place. The whole reasoning behind the term Personal Computer was that a Computer was this big, bulky, prohibitive, business-class machine, so the smaller micro-computers that could target home users and hobbyists were, ta-da, 'personal'.

Now, the desktop is what's become the "big, bulky" machine, differentiated only in its ability to do 'work' (business-class again?). In every way, the slate/tablet are the most accurate successors to the term PC.

It's only being shrugged off because Apple HATES the term and never, ever wants it applied to a product they sell.

So I presume there will be a keyboard exposed when the screen is flipped? I gots an idea... why not have a thin plate at the bottom of the laptop that flips to cover the keyboard when you flip the screen?

Its interesting seeing convertible tablets making a comeback. Back in 04 and 05 when they first hit the market, we just didn't have the right OS's and technology to make it work well. I had a Toshiba one, and the single rotating hinge idea was really flimsy. The idea that Lenovo is using has been talked a lot about, however I still wonder if there is a better way to protect the keyboard. Also wouldn't the heat from the bottom of the laptop affect the screen as well when flipped?