Windows Server 2008 Domain Re-Directs To Apple

A solution provider in Florida that owns the domain name has re-directed the URL to Apple's online store, where visitors are greeted by a giant image of the recently unveiled MacBook Air. On Wednesday, the enthusiast blog Inside Microsoft reported the odd development and suggested that the domain had been bought by a Mac fan and re-directed to in order to embarrass Microsoft.

However, on its webpage, domain owner Symmetry Technical Consultants of Coral Gables, Fla., actually lists itself as a Microsoft Certified partner, which is the second highest designation within the vendor's channel program. ChannelWeb couldn't find any mention of Apple products on the Symmetry's Website. Symmetry, which offers a variety of desktop support, networking, managed services, connectivity, and software support services, registered in October 2006 and owns the rights to the domain until October. The prank has reportedly been causing quite a stir within Microsoft, although ChannelWeb was unable to reach company officials for comment.

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i am guessing, they tried to sell the domain to MS, who of course would have said, umm no we woudl rather take you to court and then we will get it for freee, MS will easily win that court battle due to the laws around domain name registration..

when MS told them to go away they probably thought they woudl be smart asses and redirect it to apple.. and i doubt they will be channel partners for much longer..

and saying noone woudl visit it is rather silly as if the site owners had any idea of what they were doing a google search of windows server 2008 would direct users to their website.

So a guy either purposely or accidently, with unknown motivation, made a domain name that nobody would actually try to use to get information about Windows Server 2008 redirect to Apple's web site...why does this matter?

After looking at the page source, you can see that the redirect is for a safari download. Since the link is old, the server at Apple just kicks you to the home page.

I still don't know what statement they are making (if any) by sending the url for a safari download. I think instead that someone that was working on a page for the site was going to download safari for a site compatibility check and pasted the code to the wrong place.

And when did microsoft generally use[year][producttiername].com addresses? they always used[{version} | {tier}] for their main pages and recently used for their redirect... quick everyone buy up windows server 2010 while your at it :P

Its because its in an iframe which redirects to the Apple Website. Seems to be some sort of holding page. Even thought it goes to Apples website (or seems to) its actually loaded an IFRAME which holds the Apple Website inside it.

Very strange. People are strange things :P xD

Microsoft will close it down anyway - owning domain names such as this is illegal as its a trademarked name.

Whats crazy is why? and why does it say "latest in server products" nothing on the page has anything to do with servers

A solution provider in Florida that owns the domain name has re-directed the URL to Apple's online store...

It actually redirects to Apple's homepage not the Apple Online Store.

I thought someone hacked windows 2008 server homepage & its redirecting to (thats the info i saw when the msn messenger showed the neowin alert!) :-)