Windows Server 2008 R2 planned for 2009

Microsoft is sticking to their promise of delivering a minor release after a major Windows Release. Oh and like said before, Windows Server 2008 is the last release of 32 bit edition of Windows. So the R2 release will be released as 64 bit only! Also R2 will have much more PowerShell cmdlets built in Windows Server apps. The next version of Powershell (1.5) will probably be in it.

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I doubt they'll produce an R2 version for only 64 bit... R2's are just new features and aren't supposed to contain low-level operating system updates, so I'm betting R2 will be available for 32bit, but the next major version will be 64 bit only.

Are you sure this isn't supposed to read "This is the last release of 32-bit Windows Server"? I think there's still a 32-bit client in the pipeline at least for the next release.

In the beta of vista at one point they said Vista 32bit was also the end of the 32bit line... but they wernt completely sure of that at the time