Windows Server Hyper-V can now run on SUSE cloud-based infrastructures

Microsoft continues to add more collaboration in its software with open source-based systems. Today, the company announced a new partnership with the Linux-based SUSE OS, which is owned by Novell, that will allow Microsoft's Windows Server Hyper-V workloads to run on SUSE cloud-based infrastructures.

Microsoft revealed the new partnership on its Openness blog today as a new extension of the company's six year work relationship with SUSE. This new collaboration will allow for "automated installation of Hyper-V-based compute nodes" on SUSE-based cloud systems. The blog added:

Organizations can standardize their open source based clouds on the same Microsoft hypervisor technology they will also use in public clouds, such as Windows Azure, or on the Windows Server machines used in their datacenters.

This news comes just a few weeks since Microsoft celebrated the first anniversary of its Microsoft Open Technologies subsidiary, where the company has continued to work with a number of different open source systems and communities. Microsoft's blog site today mentions that in the past year, it has released even more products designed to work with SUSE, including the SUSE Manager Management Pack for System Center that patches Linux-based servers via Microsoft's management tools.

Microsoft recently announced that Hyper-V now commands 30 percent of the market share for virtualization platform products, while its main rival VMware has seen its once formidable market share decline.

Source: Microsoft | Image via SUSE

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great news, i love Hyper-V, im pleased Microsoft is working hard with other vendors to get Windows integrated into other systems. Ive run Ubuntu servers in Hyper-V and they are very stable and fast in the past.

I run pretty much pure Windows on Hyper-V but i do like the option of other providers in case we need to take advantage of it.

You have a Server 2012 data center are virtualizing nodes, you wish to install SUSE, you now can automatically with full Hyper V integration

No. No. you could install SUSE previously on HV an I'm pretty sure in an automated way though I never tried that specially, you could do the same on the Azure platform.

The announcement was actually about the reverse, about being able to deploy a hyper-v server instances (and the manage and automation task that go with it) under SUSE's Open Cloud management platform.