Windows Store in the leaked Windows 8.1 builds is open

While the first public preview of Windows 8.1 is scheduled to be released on June 26th, there are a few people out there in the world who have installed the previously leaked builds of Microsoft's next OS upgrade.

One of Neowin's most loyal readers, FaiKee, has posted up a note in our forums that alerts those people who have installed the leaked builds that they can now access the Windows Store. As he puts it, "Click the Store tiles, enter your MS account, and viola!!"

He's also posted a couple of screenshots showing the Windows Store running on his leaked 9369 and 9385 versions of Windows 8.1, one of which you can see above. The screenshots also show the new "snap view" that will allow users more flexibility for running more than one Windows 8 app.

Of course, Microsoft might decide to cut out access to the Windows Store for these leaked builds once the public preview is released later this month. The final version of Windows 8.1 is supposed to be released sometime before the end of the year, although one rumor hints that Microsoft could ship the OS upgrade on August 1st.

Thanks to FaiKee, as always, for the tip!

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Iridium really? Have you the latest iOS 7 mosh of android and WP? At.some you need to stop and think. Is this email company that far behind the times or ahead of their curve. Read up Bill Gates and this vision, Steve Ballmer and this vision and see what is trending now in UI design and elements. Let me know if you think MS should hang up their hats.

Will MS drop Metro before it is too late for Windows? I mean honestly, there are now far more beautiful and powerful PC's to choose from than ever, but Apple is wrecking them. At some point you have to just stop and become rational, fire the Windows team and start again.

Stefano Rickeets said,
Just took a few screenshots of the new Windows Store + more in Windows 8.1 Pro Preview build 9385 -->

Amazing! Thanks for the share! I can't wait to get this update!

The only thing now missing from the sexy new app pages are the large icon and changelog.. and maybe even an 'OFFICIAL' or checkmark icon to let people know which apps are official?

Seems the store is much better. Integration with Windows phone store will be coming. I hope that somewhere is the optipn to install apps in the sd card(i have a aurface rt) without tweeking the OS.

I am not theme fancy and always use solid color backgrounds......hope it didn't make people miss the start menu more? (LOL)

Enron said,
Well that looks better than the crazy mess they have right now.

It's a bit of a mess for categories / filters as well. Try to find Live only enabled games if they're not on the spotlight.

I'm using it right now, the updater seems to be broken since I can't check on updates and need to remove and install the apps with updates everytime I want to update. However: my weather app is now on v3.0.0.691 and does support the large live tile. And so does the Finance app...

Anyways, there is still some work to do: the Store is very bugy and I can't find a way to search in the store (the serach in the charms bar is broken over here).

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