Windows Sysinternals

Thanks to Rafael for the heads up

Sysinternals website now officially points to Microsoft and the company has rebranded sysinternals to "Windows Sysinternals".

All the normal tools are available but it's not yet known whether these will be re-branded.

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*Sigh* I wish they would have left it alone.

They expect people to pay for using the tools on other peoples computers?

Q: May I freely load or use Sysinternals utilities on computers that I support but do not own?
A: No. You will need to contact Microsoft Sysinternals Licensing ( and inquire about fee based licensing options.

...Sorry but I've been using the tools for diagnosing problems on thousands of computers over the last few years, I even donated to SysInternals, I don't intend on paying the most likely a ridiculous amount of money they will charge to “license” it.


Q: May I distribute Sysinternals utilities in my software, on my website, or with my magazine?
A: No. We are not offering any distribution licenses, even if the 3rd party is distributing them for free. We encourage people to download the utilities from our download center where they can be assured to get the most recent version of the utility.

Hundreds of freeware sites are already redistributing it, why should they stop now?

They even removed the source that has been freely available to learn from for the last ~5 years. Pfft.

I guess on the upside though, as everybody said Process Monitor is improved quite a lot.

This news came as a surpise to me. I have used several of the sysinternals utilities and found them very useful. Appearently so did/does Microsoft.

Two things caught my attention:
1) I never noticed that the source code was posted, and I have no need for it, however removing it is very crappy on Microsoft's part. Crappy, but not unexpected. MS isn't known for ever being open with source code, regardless of the product.

2) Did I read that you donated to sysinternals?? I am poor, but I support the idea of free software that asks for voluntary donations (given you like and use the product), and I have occassionaly donated to freelance developers in the past. Given that, I would be irate if I donated to help develop a product that was purchased by MS (or any software company). I don't care about the fact that it is still available for free, I care that MS aquired something that many people helped fund and develop under the shareware principle. If I were you, I would ask MS for a refund. Not that you would be successful with such a request, but hopefully it would make a point.

anyone notice the license agreement when you run procmon has a typo? :P

"These license terms are an agreement between Sysinternals (a wholly owned subsidiary of Microsoft Corporation) and you. Please read them. They apply to the software you are downloading from, which includes the media on which you received it, if any."

SysInternals is the best. They've made so many usefull programs for administrators.
I'm using ProcessExplorer all the time. Hope they will exists ...

The Autoruns tool under Processes & Threads section just helped me to get rid of the annoying virusburst spyware i had on my system since 2 weeks which many other spyware removers couldnt remove.. Ty M$!! w00t!!

The Sysinternals web site was created in 1996 by Mark Russinovich and Bryce Cogswell to host their advanced system utilities and technical information and Microsoft acquired Sysinternals in July, 2006.

hmm... Seems like that could be two sentences...

Grammar Nazi's ought to be careful how they use ellipses, capitalise the sentence and watch where those extra spaces lurk

They've released Process Monitor, which shows a few things:

- No WGA
- The utility isn't bloated, though it is a larger download. Filemon and Regmon were 277k and 249k respectively, whereas Process Monitor is 2.09mb.
- Merges two utilities into one - Filemon and Regmon - And also includes a new "process and thread" category. This means they're not just merging utilities together, they're actually adding to them.
- Contains a filter which is far superior to those in Filemon and Regmon. This means they are improving their utilities.
- Sysinternals isn't dead

They just announced ProcessMonitor, a utility that replaces both filemon and regmon. This works on x64 vista as well, and is VERY cool. I would have filemon and regmon side by side and this greatly simplifies it. It also has a great filter window which blows away the old one.