Windows veteran jumps to second Silverlight

Veteran Microsoft ISV partner Infragistics is taking an early lead on Silverlight 2, Microsoft's emerging cross-browser media plug-in. The company expects to release an experimental set of components based on Silverlight 2 beta 2 for building the interfaces on rich internet applications at the same time Microsoft launches the second Silverlight 2 beta - expected Friday. The beta was promised by Microsoft chairman Bill Gates at TechEd Tuesday.

Microsoft has been pushing Silverlight pretty hard, as it tries to break into the market of media content creation. Eighteen-year-old Infragistics, meanwhile, has a history of being an early adopter around Windows. The company, which specializes in re-usable software components for building application presentation layers, was quick to pick up .NET - Microsoft's big platform shift in the early 2000s. Explaining the enthusiasm for something so new even the latest pre-release code hasn't even shipped, Windows group lead technical evangelist Anthony Lombardo told The Register Silverlight would let developers break through barriers posed by AJAX and javascript.

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I cant wait for the Summer Games to really see Silverlight in action because its being used to broadcast some of the events.

Microsoft has been pushing Silverlight pretty hard
Some, such as me, might say they've been pushing it a little too hard. There's a fine line between letting people know it's out there and what it's capable of, and bludgeoning them every day with PR about it.

I personally find that most really great products don't need such excessive pushing, as users just breathe their own life into it, and popularity carries it along. When it has to be pushed as hard as MS is doing, it tells me that people just aren't connecting with it enough to make the magic happen.

I agree whole heartedly with you, with the exception that I don't really have a clue what Silverlight is, and why I need it! :nuts:

I keep seeing "Silverlight" popups on Microsoft web sites, but have NO interest in reading about it. I certainly do not want another Microsoft standard, which will eventually be used to force out open standard innovative ideas. Microsoft PR doesn't work for me, even... Version 2 beta 2 :confused:

I keep seeing Silverlight plugged on Microsoft websites and I'm getting pretty sick of it. Far as I can tell it appears to be a competitor to Flash, which works fine as it is.

(boho said @ #1.1)
I agree whole heartedly with you, with the exception that I don't really have a clue what Silverlight is, and why I need it! :nuts:

It's a competitor to Flash... to date, there has been nothing that has actually competed against Adobe in this arena... so this is not a bad thing. While I like (and develop in) Flash, having an alternate platform is a good thing. As Silverlight has access to the .NET languages, it makes it a very flexible choice when creating an app, rather than just using ActionScript.

It's early days yet for Silverlight, I wouldn't expect a decent install base for a few years to come, but it has to start somewhere. It is good that it already supports the major browsers, rather than being IE centric.

I say bring it on... and lets see what Adobe fire back with.