Windows Vista Advanced search techniques

Windows Vista and Windows Desktop Search 3.01 recognize many advanced query operators that can make your desktop searches super-pinpointed. This document provides an exhaustive list of those operators. On Windows Vista you can use these operators to define a search, and then save it as a Search Folder. Once you start using these terms in searches and Search Folders, you'll wonder how you ever got along without them!

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Have to say, from playing with Vista the new indexed search is probably the best feature. Might sound useless but really good for finding things quickly... even if you know where they are saves going 3/4/5 folders deep and looking for it.

nice but useless....
Maybe it's only a question of using it, but should a new or moderate user always open this website to see which terms are possible? Sorry but who can remember all this things?
There is no overview like this in the windows help nor something like a "query builder", and you get no warning if the search term is wrong.

I don't care about search. I don't paste so many files to my desktop that I can't find them. Search for the desktop is for people who don't know how to be organized. Disable indexing, and enjoy a better computer. Save your files to a known place and you won't be lost. Or just don't use a computer. Just my thoughts...


Some of us might know where are files are and can get to them faster by using Search or using the "Start Search" field on the Start Menu. If i know the name of a file i just type it and and click it or drag it to any application, faster than going through the directories.

Microsoft, how about giving Vista a simple way to disable/suspend Windows Search Indexing for XX minutes (like we have under XP), and/or allowing Indexing to only occur during IDLE cycles?

Right now, people are having to manually DISABLE the service every time they want to play games with any decent frame rate because the Vista version of this application is ALWAYS hitting the hard drive...ahem.

XP did it right. Google indexing does it better. Why can't the Vista version of this excellent technology work better than the XP version does?!

On Vista, the indexer uses low-priority I/O and "backs off" when there is CPU usage or mouse/keyboard usage. There should be absolutely no effect on games, especially since data files aren't even likely to ever change while you're playing a game... especially not on a significant enough scale for you to notice.

I've never heard of anyone disabling the indexer to play a game, and it certainly hasn't ever been necessary on any of my machines.

"Note: Boolean operators must be in all UPPERCASE letters.

Boolean operators
(A list of boolean operators and examples follow)"

And all the examples are in lower case. I know the first boolean operators was referring to the AND OR NOT stuff, but not everyone can figure that out.