Windows Vista Beta 2 / Longhorn Server Update (KB919946)

Microsoft have started releasing updates during the Windows Vista/Longhorn beta, this one is of particular interest due to the fact that many people -including myself, have a hyper-threaded system with Windows Vista Beta 2 installed on it (not my primary system, in case you were wondering).

Update for Windows Vista Beta 2 and Windows Codename Longhorn Server Beta 2 (KB919946)
Install this update to fix an issue where in the presence of Internet Protocol security (IPsec) or Windows Firewall, a race condition can be hit on multi-processor (or hyper-threaded) systems causing memory corruption, leading to a system crash.

It is unknown if this affects the recently released build 5456, fiile date is 27th so it probably does.

Download: Update Patch (KB919946) | 622 KB @ Microsoft
News source: Bink

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