Windows Vista Beta 2, RC1 and RC2 set to expire May 31, 2007

On May 18, pre-release versions of Windows Vista (Beta 2, RC1 or RC2) will begin prompting users with warning notifications about the upcoming expiration on May 31. It is therefore recommended to backup all data and move to a final version of Windows before the expiration date. Between June 1 and August 28, customers who continue to use pre-release versions of Windows Vista will be able to log in for 2-hour sessions to retrieve data. After 2 hours of use, the PC will automatically reboot without providing the opportunity to save data.

If the user would like to switch editions of Vista, the appropriate upgrade version must be purchased and a clean installation needs to be performed. Customer Preview Program participants will not be receiving discounts, other than the option to purchase upgrade versions of Windows Vista, as opposed to the full versions. As already noted previously, performing a roll back to Windows XP is not possible.

Link: Forum Discussion (Thanks Nidonocu)
News source: Windows Vista Team Blog

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Of course, if you don't wish to continue with Vista after your beta or RC installation expires, hopefully you'll
have done the sensible thing, and have had your PC set up to dual boot with Windows XP on a main HDD
or partition, and put the Windows Vista test build on a seconary HDD or partition ... right?

That way, you haven't lost your original OS, and you don't face having to completely reprogram your PC.

Who does that with a BETA, RC1 or RC2?
I think *most* testers use VMWare (or similar) and install the product into a Virtual Environment so as not to screw up their original OS.

But, from reading the above, it seems that some people are silly enough to install a non-RTM candidate as their primary OS. Geesh.

Thats not true, there is a way to delay activation, thats all, you cant legally get vista without buying it, unless you have an MSDN subscription.

I cant understand why anyone would still be running these when there is the regisry mod to let you run the RTM final version for about a year without purchasing it.

I thought they originally said it was going to be June?
Oh well, it's not like I'm actually running them... but still...

I was using the RC2 up until today since I've been waiting months for my University to release Vista Business to students... and today I finally gave up decided to pay full price for an OEM copy

That should be pretty obvious to you already if you are still running any of those. I would hope you would have either went back to XP if you felt you could live without Vista or got a non beta version