Windows Vista Developer Story

The Microsoft Windows Vista Developer Story includes content for developers, and other technology experts and managers, interested in an in-depth exploration of some of the new and extended features in Windows Vista. The topics explain how to take advantage of a new feature or solve a problem using the new Windows technologies and include conceptual information for context and technical specifications for practical application of each scenario. The Windows Vista Developer Story is released in the form of articles in the MSDN library and in a Windows Help file, published approximately every two to four weeks. The file includes the new Windows Vista APIs in an Excel workbook.

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News source: MSDN

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In other news, Microsoft feel they need to push more developers to Vista.

Not sure how much this will work. It's the old Catch 22. Developers won't move to new platforms if there isn't tangible benefits by a large user base. And for that to happen, the users need to see major benefits in the OS itself.

Not really.

Vista will become the dominant player within 2 years. It's inevitable as people buy new PCs.

Besides, does this also include .NET 3 stuff? because that is all backported to XP.