Windows Vista: Offline Files

Here's one I can relate to, Jim talks about the improved Offline files feature in Vista, something I use myself and am very happy with.

One of the key things that we focused on for Windows Vista was improving the experience for mobile (laptop) users. If you are like me, you spend quite a bit of time running around with a laptop. However, when I am in my office, I tend to use my desktop. The primary way that I share files between my desktop and my laptop is by storing them on a Windows Server (it's also the primary way that I make sure that my files get backed up). For example, at Microsoft we redirect the "Documents" folder (previously known as "My Documents" in Windows XP) to a share on the server (of course, we use access controls on the folders to make sure that I am the only person who can see my files).

By redirecting key folders like the Documents folder to a file share, my documents are available to me no matter which one of my Windows PCs I am using. The problem of course is what happens when I don't have access to the server -- such as when I am not on the corporate network or perhaps sitting on an airplane. Frankly, the same problem exists with any file share that I might try to access when I am not on the corporate network.

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lol haven't offline files been available for a looong time?
They make it sound like it's a whole new technology. This is the standard setup for mobile users in companies for years.

Uhm, no they don't make it sound like that.
If you'd actually read the full article you'd discover that they actually say Offline Files have been around since Windows 2000 and the point of the article is "quite a few enhancements in the Offline Files support for Windows Vista.".

I use offline files at home with my Windows Server. It's fantastic for me as I can take my laptop out of the house and still have access to all my stuff. As soon as I return, the files sync back up again.