Windows Vista SP1 Beta Opt-In Opportunity

MS is sending out invites for Windows Vista SP1 Beta Preview:

Quote -
We are pleased to offer you an early preview of Microsoft® Windows Vista SP1 by extending this invitation to join the Windows Vista SP1 beta program. Your participation is completely voluntary. Program participants will preview Windows Vista SP1.

If you choose to participate you will have the opportunity to provide Microsoft with feedback as we continue work on this exciting new release. Please note that we have not made the Windows Vista SP1 Beta available on Microsoft Connect. The purpose of this email and survey is to ensure our current Windows Server 2008 beta participants have a first chance at participation. Successful participants will be notified via email when the Windows Vista SP1 Beta is available.

Confirming Your Interest in Participation
1. Go to
2. Sign-in using your Connect LiveID credentials.
3. Click on [My Participation] from the left-hand menu.
4. Click on [Windows Server 2008 Beta].
5. Click on Surveys from the left-hand pane.
6. Scroll down and select the "Windows Vista SP1 Beta Opportunity for Windows Server 2008 Beta Participants" survey.
7. Ensure your contact information in your profile is set to "Yes". (Note: The survey is showing a screenshot of the dialog box and is not editable. You must click on the link to go to your profile and edit your contact preferences).

Thank you for your participation and we look forward to hearing what you have to say about the Windows Vista SP1.

Microsoft Windows Beta Team

News source: Connect

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I beta tested Vista before it was released, AND I beta tested Windows Server 2008. I even have my order sheet and product key for both, and my confirmation emails. So why did I not get their opt-in email?

Sometimes the emails get delayed, I actually got 2 emails regarding this.

Anyway if you are eligible you should find the survey on your connect 'Windows Server 2008' homepage, you don't have to wait for the email.

Hopefully this means it won't be long before MS starts taking applications for Vista SP1 ... I got a macbook and I'd love to try to install Vista SP1 without bootcamp! According to Mary Jo Foley Vista SP1 has EFI support so it'll be worth a shot!

Those that were in the Vista Technical Beta should have gotten their opt-in email today. I got two, one for Vista and one for WS08.

Tuckles said,
Got Mine....
I wonder if there will be a x64 version in the next beta release.

Why wouldn't there be?

Vista has both 32bit & 64-bit versions, they will be testing both.

Morpheus Phreak said,

Why wouldn't there be?

Vista has both 32bit & 64-bit versions, they will be testing both.

Looking at the pre beta versions of SP1 that are kicking around on the torrent networks so far and I don't see a single version for x64, this got me thinking that they haven't released one yet.

NeowinSecurity said,
wonder if WHS counts cuz I'm a member of that beta

Only W2K8 Server testers.. WHS is actually a different beta all together based on W2K3

If you don't see Windows Server 2008 Beta in your list, then you are not a member of the Windows Server 2008 beta. This notice only applies to those that ARE.