Windows Vista SP2 RC build released to testers

TechARP predicted last month that RC-Escrow build of SP2 for Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 will be released between the dates Jan 26-30 and the RC build between the dates Feb 16-20. The RC Escrow build of SP2 was sent to testers at the end of January and the rumor is that now Microsoft has released the RC build of SP2 to Microsoft Connect testers exactly between the dates predicted by TechARP.

Ars reports that RC build is available for download as a standalone installer package or via Windows Update or as a slipstreamed download which includes 691 individual hotfixes. Public beta of SP2 was released in December 2008 and the final release is expected to happen around April or May according to TechARP.

Windows 7 also appears to be moving towards the release candidate build at the end of February, which raises a serious discussion over whether users would still stay on Vista or jump to Windows 7. Not to forget that Windows 7 is also rumored to hit RTM in August.

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Any word on if and/or when either MSDN. Microsoft Technet Plus. and/or the general public is going 2 be ablle 2 test this RC?

its tested and tested again because of all the different variables, configurations... ways people screw up their systems, so along with applying a patch, attempts to fix itself... along with other things, MS has their work cut out for themselves

tntomek said,
My MSDN Vista had SP1 slip streamed, but that was a MS release.

Why slipsteam when you can download the trial ISO on MS's download site and just use you key with that?

rakeshishere said,
Too many speculations in this article...

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You're right, I'd much rather that they didn't test service packs before they released them!

Hot fixes aren't as thoroughly tested as version releases and service packs, and especially aren't tested together. Imagine if you had 2 hot fixes that modified the same files - there's a chance of a conflict that could cause a new bug while fixing the first two. Regression testing is a vital part of software development...

"You're right, I'd much rather that they didn't test service packs before they released them!" lol, uhm... thats a bad idea if i ever saw one

RE: Intelman

The Windows Vista Feature Pack For Wireless was never officially available for public download. It was released to OEMs only. It leaked out from those OEMs, which is how the public got a hold of it.

"You're right, I'd much rather that they didn't test service packs before they released them!" lol, uhm... thats a bad idea if i ever saw one


The Windows Vista Feature Pack For Wireless didn't really leak, it was just finally made available by the OEMs like Dell/Lenovo.