Windows XP Service Pack 3 Network Installation Available

Microsoft has finally made the Windows XP Service Pack 3 Network Installation Package for IT Professionals and Developers available from Microsoft Downloads. The x86 version clocks in at 316.4 MB and is intended for system administrators who are required to updated more than 1 computer, or if you don't want to have use Windows Update the next time you clean install Windows XP.

Additionally, Microsoft also released a x86 ISO image of Windows XP SP3 standalone update CD. Currently there is no SP3 update for Windows XP (x64) because the kernel is based on Windows Server 2003 (x64) which has a separate update time-line. For release notes, checked build versions check here for both Vista SP1 and XP SP3.

Download: Windows XP SP3 Network Install (x86) | 316.4 MB
Download: Windows XP SP3 Update ISO Image (x86) | 544.9 MB (Updates XP to SP3 only)

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so these two files are the same.. just that one is an .exe file and the other is an ISO? so by "just" being an ISO its approx 125mb bigger?

Actually had a problem with Windows XP SP3 Update ISO image. Burned a copy fine, but a had an issue with updating a friend's computer (who's internet cable was cut by construction workers). Installed fine, but when it rebooted received a BSOD Stop Error of 0x0000007E. Looking into the matter, this seems to be something that can be common with applying the ISO Update instead of downloading from Windows Update. This was mostly the case because the computer in question of HP Pavilion a1430n with AMD Processor.

Most computers include an image that the manufacturer created by using the System Preparation (Sysprep) tool. Sysprep lets the computer manufacturer generate an image that can be used on different computers. The problem that the Sysprep image was created on an Intel-processor-based computer and if the Sysprep image is then deployed on a non-Intel-processor-based computer, the Intel processor driver (Intelppm.sys) tries to load because of an orphaned registry key.

To fix the issue you have to log in Safe mode and fiddle with the following Registry Key:

and change the value to 4. After which you close Regedit and restart the computer as normal.

Found this out using my Blackberry's Internet. Works like a charm now - but apparently Microsoft was aware of this issue since the previous RC, wonder why they didn't patch it up

I posted earlier on SP3 stopping during 'running processes after install'.

Install was successful when I ran it in safe mode. So far, no problems.

Unexpectedly was offered this as a normal windows update about 24hours ago in Australia. I let it download in the background, but at some stage it just disappeared. So not to be foiled I got it from Windows Update. Required me to do a genuine advantage check then downloaded and installed.

Pretty uneventful. Was only about a 90Mb download which came through quite speedily (for MS). As is often the case with updates the install was pretty slow. Seemed to stop a few times (tnuser - especially at 'running processes after install') and as usual the status bar wasn't indicative as to what was going on. Didn't need to close anything. I didn't do anything on the computer during the install which was about 20mins. Then had to restart. Security Center popped up before I got into Windows GUI proper and wanted me to turn on Automatic Updates (which was odd coz I already had it on - or at least to notify me).
Thats it.

Windows running fine (maybe a bit more responsive - faster, even boot-up maybe quicker)!?
Wasn't expecting to see any changes coz really this is just a tech tweak - but it did back up maybe a hundred or more DLLs before the install so must be more changes than reported.

I picked this up sometime last week thanks to a site which I would link (great geekyness ensues in tech sphere) but can't remember the name of. Thank you anyway neowin, looking like good times ahead. Used my hardware a bit better, a bit more file protection malarchy, so I guess move your files if you have to and give it a shot if you think your win32 Software is up to scratch. Would be my 2 cents.

Not that I have 2 cents in Euros or Dollars, for you....

Edit: No Offence was intended in above line. Carry on as you were ?!!!

XP SP3 stops during 'running processes after install'.

I backed up my system and tried to install it 2 different times when it was available on 4-29-08. During installation, 3-4 popup windows came up that said several programs needed shutdown (WMI, windows defender, Dr Watson...). It continued and then just stopped when 'running processes after install'.

I tried to run it again today, and got the exact same results. I even let it run for about 3 hours, but no luck.

I have a dual-boot with XP Home and Vista Business (SP1). XP is on the 1st of 2 partitions on an 80G HD. Vista is on the 2nd partition.

I know there are problems with dual-booting Vista (like XP destroying Vista restore points). Does anyone know if a similiar problem exists with SP


Is this supposed to work for Media Center edition as well. I have Media Center 2005 with SP2. tried installing SP3 and it failed with "Internal Error" . no other info on the failure.

Tried this on 2 media center PCs. same issue. Tried it on my third PC which has Windows XP with SP2, not Media Center Edition. worked ok on that.

anyone tried this on MCE2005 SP2 edition? pls let me know.

Thank you.

I've been able to get SP3 to install on a Clean install of XP MCE 2005 SP2.
I've not been able to make a functional integrated XP MCE 2005 SP3 to work.

At 8:19 A.M. this morning, WU downloaded and successfully installed SP3. Might want to make a news post about it ;). SP3 was also available via WU to nearly 2,000 computers schools around the county.

Is the ISO to install as a clean install or purly an upgrade CD?

I want to format and install XP, so should i get the ISO?

guys, The "Windows XP SP3 Update ISO Image (x86)" is a full installtion disk or an update? and just wondering is this for volume license only? or others?

All it is is the stand-alone installer, that way you don't have to be actively connected to the internet during the install and you don't have to wait for files to download during the process. Useful if you need to slipstream a copy or install it on multiple machines. We use the net install at work to upgrade systems for customers. Be sure to run the file with the /n switch so it does not save the uninstall information for the previous SP -- that eats up hard drive space.

the x64 bit version is also missing and has yet to be added to Microsoft Downloads

There won't be an x64 bit version until Server 2003 gets an SP3 since XP 64 is based on the Server 2003 codebase, not the XP x86 codebase.