WLM-OSD Plugin 2.6

WLM-OSD Plugin is a free addin that enables «On Screen Display» for Windows Live Messenger. This feature allows you to read all incoming messages directly on your screen, without having to open any conversation window ! You can answer a bit later to your contacts, while still being informed of what they are saying ! This way you are less disturbed at work (for example)...

Minimum Requirements:

- Windows Live Messenger installed
- .NET Framework 2.0

Download: WLM-OSD Plugin 2.6 Lite (without .NET Framework 2.0)
Download: WLM-OSD Plugin 2.6 Full (include .NET Framework 2.0)
Screenshot: 1 2
Link: Home Page

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It works nice - I like it. Wouldve been great if it appeared in your games too, and you could write back!
Anyone know why MSN popup notifications flicker when you are in game? This goes for other popups aswell, like Windows Firewall..

Pretty nice, I'm just looking foward to that G15 one Logitech Promiced on the products launch date... Still not here, over two years on

It works fine with Live Messenger 8.5. You have to make sure you have it enabled by clicking on your screen name and selecting 'Turn on WLM-OSD" (it should have a check beside it).

This looks really cool.. Can I use it though?? Site says Vista... but what about Live Messenger 8.5?? It loads and everything but it doesn't seem to be working....

Just tried here, and it stops Messenger from loading completely (Version 8.5, on 32bit Vista). It either fails to load, then when i restart it, it says that its starting with no scripts loaded due to a previous error, or gets to the contact list then locks up :s

If anyone needs log files etc, tell me where they are and let me know

It took me like five minutes to figure out that one has the @hotmail.fr and the other doesn't. I don't know if that's what the person who took the screen shot was trying to point out though. Just based on the screens... How exactly is that less disturbing than opening the chat window?

On the program there is one setting to show either nicknames (friendly names) or email address.
The screenies are made with this setting switched.