Word 2007 Add-in: Microsoft Math

The Microsoft Math Add-in for Microsoft Office Word 2007 makes it easy to create graphs, perform calculations, and solve for variables with equations created in Word. The Microsoft Math Add-in adds computational and graphing capabilities to the Equation Tools Ribbon of Word 2007. With the Microsoft Math Add-in for Word 2007, you can:

  • Plot a function, equation, or inequality in 2-D or 3-D
  • Solve an equation or inequality
  • Calculate a numerical result
  • Simplify an algebraic expression

Download: Word 2007 Add-in: Microsoft Math
Link: Home Page

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The download link leads to the Word 2007 Add-in, whereas the Home Page link leads to the actual Microsoft Math homepage. The difference? The add-in is a much more simplified version, and some of the options actually require Microsoft Math, the full-fledged program, itself to run... a program I do have installed on my computer, yet it fails to recognize that, and when I click the "calculate in microsoft math..." option, a pop up appears giving me a link where to buy microsoft math instead of opening the program itself... hopefully this will be fixed.

Either way, this add-in is definitely a nice feature, including an equation solver and a graph plotter which work quite nicely. The plug-in is free, (although the program itself isn't, but there's always a way around that ;)) and I highly recommend it... definitely helps the lazy man do math :cheeky: