'Wordament Snap Attack' launches for Windows, Windows Phone

Microsoft has released "Wordament Snap Attack," the sequel to its popular word puzzle game, for both Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8 today.

The game, which can be downloaded for free via the Windows Store or Windows Phone Store, builds on its predecessor by limiting users to snaps on a board in a time constraint of two and a half minutes. "Snap Attack" is unique from other word-based games such as "Scrabble" in that it features some preset letters already included on a board when users start. From there, users have to add their own letter tiles to create new words. An example of the game's play style can be seen in the video above.

Currently, iOS and Android versions of "Snap Attack" aren't available, though they will likely be released in the comings weeks or months. "Wordament" also debuted on Microsoft platforms before making its way to competing services. That game was the first to offer Xbox Live achievements on all platforms, an feature its sequel will likely keep.

As with its predecessor, "Snap Attack" features an extensive leaderboard system, with real-time stat tracking.

Note that the Windows Store version of the app for U.S. users has yet to roll out, though it will likely do so by the end of the day or tomorrow.

Source: Windows Store, Windows Phone Store

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A great spin on the original Wordament. And great to see a Windows Phone game, which drew heavily on Metro, spread to other platforms and be successful.

theyarecomingforyou said,
Is this really worthy of frontpage news?
Yes it is. And since it made you comment on it, I think you feel the same.

sweatshopking said,
why is it being played on iphones? can't Microsoft figure out to use their own devices in their own ads?

While I agree with you, I also like that MS is pushing the fact that their great apps run on other platforms. It gives freedom to the users to choose whatever OS they want and still have access to MS products. I love that. Cause at work I have to use chrome/Android/iOS but I can still use my favorite apps.

But throwing in a surface or partner product along with the cheap outline of an iProduct would be nice...