World First OLED Wireless Photo Frame

Kodak's wireless photo frame is the first to use Organic Light Emitting Diodes, the new technology expected to replace LCDs soon.

The 7.6 inch frame sports a 800x480 resolution with a touch-sensitive frame (not the display itself). Utilising AM-OLED technology this crisp display is capable of a 30000:1 white to black contrast ratio, perfect image representation at any angle and visibility in sunlight. As it is wireless you can connect your computer to synchronise and transfer images. Another feature is the ability to connect to the internet on the frame and access Kodak Gallery, Flickr and FrameChannel online.

The photo frame can play video files as well as background sound while viewing slideshows. It has a variety of ports including miniUSB, USB, memory card reader, audio output and a seperate audio input. You can use the USB or memory card reader to add additional storage if you manage to exhaust the 2GB internal storage.

If you believe the death knell has sounded for LCD technology and would like to pick up this next-generation beauty now, you will be dismayed to find it at US$999 on Kodak's website.

If you're still wondering what all the fuss is about, check out the video below, comparing Kodak's new offering to an ordinary LCD photo frame.

It is expected that more OLED announcements will be made at the CES 2009 starting January 8th.

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boy.. for that price i could buy a decent new office PC... this **** will be LCD story all over again...
of course Kodak 'forgot' to mention that OLED is pretty cheap to make and beside... Kodak isn't even manufacturing OLED displays... another 'new' invention with an unjustified price... join to the Mapple world! i guess i'll be able to buy an OLED display 10 years from now when laser or holographic display will make it's way into the market and the OLED display will drop prices.

petroid said,
So they compared a top of the line Kodak OLED display with the cheapest LCD frame they could find? :P

Exactly what I thought. Generally when you make claims that nothing has been changed that is a red flag to me that they are going to show some BS. If you are going to say something like that, don't pick the crappiest LCD you can find to compare.

Um, it doesn't matter. OLED owns LCD in every way. Period. Face it, everything you own with a display today will be OLED in the very near future.

It will own LCD in price as soon as it is out of novelty mode, agreed. In the near future, you'll be able to PRINT your own OLED screen. How wild is that?!

excalpius said,
It will own LCD in price as soon as it is out of novelty mode, agreed. In the near future, you'll be able to PRINT your own OLED screen. How wild is that?!

depends on what you call near In the near past (25 years ago I was born) and yes, in the near future we will be able to print our own screens