World of Warcraft boosts Vivendi sales by over 25% in 2006

Yes, that everlasting behemoth World of Warcraft has once again proven to be most lucrative. This time Vivendi is reporting some good news, news I'm sure the executives are happy about:

Last year, the WoW user base surpassed the 8 million mark. Research firm NPD Group said that the game sold nearly 1 million copies at retail in 2006, making the game, released in November 2004, the biggest seller of the year by a wide margin.

The WoW expansion pack, The Burning Crusade, launched in mid-January this year, selling a total of 2.4 million copies at retail in its first 24 hours of availability across multiple continents.

Aside from WoW, other Vivendi Games products that performed well include Scarface: The World is Yours, Ice Age 2, The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning, Eragon and F.E.A.R. for Xbox 360.

Vivendi Games' fourth quarter sales were 326 million euros, up 33 percent year-over-year, driven by WoW and Scarface.

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Blizzard has always done a good job at appealing to non-gamers. I'm pretty sure that when this game fizzles out, some people who are playing now will wake up and return to their normal life leaving gaming behind.

I think WoW is a really fun and well done game. I have to play it in bursts though... if I invest too much time on it in a particular weekend I can't bare to look at it for a few weeks. Once you get hypnotized by it hours upon hours just fly by. I wonder how much time has been waisted playing WoW on a global scale...

Blizzard probably knows. They just need to add up everyone /played time. I bet it would be around 1000 years or something.

Wow, that's pretty crazy... I can't believe how popular this game is... :wacko:

I'm fearing it'll hurt the PC gaming industry as people will have such a hard time switching from this game, even if the competition would be good enough to be worth becoming popular as well.

Why Blizzard sold out to a publisher like Vivendi is anybodies guess. Surely the amount they get in monthly subscription revenue from WoW (assume $9 per month, thats 8 million x $9 = $72,000,000!!) means they could afford to publish their own games like Valve do and remain independent.

Simply because what your calculating is only revenue, you are totally missing expenses, which im sure is very high because server maintenance fees are most likely huge. So their profit margin is probably a lot smaller than most may think thats not to say they aren't making money though, because no doubt they are.

Sweet. Must admit I was queuing for The Burning Crusade to come out as were many others. Its a real addictive game and I can see why it does so well.

i think what's saddest is that as many great pc games came out last year, Oblivion (yes i know it came out on console), Company of Heroes and other games, none of them could manage to sell at least a million. I have to question the average PC gamer, that makes a game released 2 years prior the highest selling game of the year, in a year where some real great PC games came out.