World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria cinematic revealed

If there's one thing that Blizzard does well (and it does quite a few things well), it's making terrific looking CGI trailers and cinematics for its games. Today, the developer released its latest CGI creation; the opening cinematic for the MMO expansion pack World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria.

The YouTube video shows a one-on-one battle between a member of the Alliance and a large member of the Horde. That battle is interrupted by a third party; a member of the Pandaren race. The video is clearly Blizzard's attempt to put in more than a little humor after a lot of serious drama in previous World of Warcraft trailers.

The Mists of Pandaria expansion pack itself will add the land of Pandaria to the game, along with lots of new content and a rise in World of Warcraft's level cap to 90. It's due to be released on September 25th for $39.99. Blizzard will also release a Digital Deluxe edition for $59.99 with some exclusive in-game items.

Blizzard also plans to release a retail only Collector's Edition of Mists of Pandaria for $79.99. with a number of real world extras like an art book, a CD soundtrack,a DVD/Blu-Ray behind-the-scenes disc and more.

Source: YouTube

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if you look back over all the expansion release cinematics this is the least impressive one to date especially when you look back at the drama, tension and epicness of the catacylsm one.

I guess its hard to make Panda's seem epic to adults.

You're obviously not Chinese then.

Blizzards Market Research experts have shown that:

1) There are billions of Chinese people.
2) Chinese people love pandas.
3) By adding pandas to WoW they will get millions of new subscribers.
4) Profit by flawless logic.

dead.cell said,
Give Pandaren Japanese armors. Troll the Chinese.

Didn't they actually do that early on? I remember an outcry about it.