World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Goes Live!

As of a few hours ago now, the highly anticipated expansion to the world's most popular MMORPG (some would argue that point of course) went on sale around the world, and is now live on all the realms.

That's right. All 8 Million of you can now throw even more of your lives away questing, grinding, PKing and all that good stuff. For the 2 or 3 of you who don't know about the expansion, well - go look it up, seriously. Well OK, you have this Dark Portal thingie, and you can go to this Outland place. The level cap has been increased to 70, flying mounts are in, two new races, a new profession, new socketed items, new instances, dungeons and PvP arenas. The entire PvP system was revamped, and the new arena has a ladder style system in place. Dungeons now have a selectable difficulty setting, and there are 3 new cities. Of course there is alot more to the game, not to mention the hundreds of new quests available. So time to dust off those plate boots and go exploring!

You can buy the expansion, and simply add the key to your account. Which will give you the ability to go to Outland and get a flying mount and drop bombs on innocent players. Sorta.

Enjoy everyone, see you on the fields of Azeroth or Outlands!

Link: World of Warcraft Homepage

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eaheah and i jsut flooded the AH on kazgaroth with bags =D soooo big a shortage on bags thanks to the new expansion

Hehe. There were 7 level 61 players online on my server (Khadgar) when I logged in at 7:30am Eastern this morning. I wonder if they were all chinese gold farmers. nttawwt.

What I wonder about is the increased level cap. To me that means the expansion itself would NOT deliver enough content for Lvl60 players if they didn't have the chance to level at the same time. Way too much overrated game, and way too expensive.

Islander said,
Way too much overrated game, and way too expensive.

It's only becoming expensive when you account for opportunity costs - things you would have done if you didn't play the game.

However, at its face value, $15 a month, it offers the highest entertainment value per dollar spent. To me, that's extremely inexpensive. How much of entertainment can you buy for $15? One ticket to a 90 minute movie? a couple of DVD's for rent?

I got the trail then the game and got bored after level 20, although I wont play it again I cannot say its a bad game ether. Have a great time those who bought ithe new expansion and well done to Blizzard for the release.

chulomixed said,
I think I'm the only person who has never played this game, nor sees the big deal about it.

you would see what the big deal is if you would start playing it:)

Not really, I never payed for second month after my 30 free days with purchased disc run out. It was just too boring. So You might say different folks have different preferences in gaming.

chulomixed said,
I think I'm the only person who has never played this game, nor sees the big deal about it.

I've played Warcraft since the original Orcs and Humans many many moons ago and have had every WC game since. I love the lore and fantasy about it.

I was at a midnight sale here in Berlin. Then i played til 2:30am, starting a new Dranei. :-)
12 month since my last time on WOW. it's starting to be fun again.