World of Warcraft US/AU retail patch v1.3.0

There is a new standalone patch for the US/Australian edition of World of Warcraft to aid players that have difficulty upgrading Blizzard's fantasy 3D massive multiplayer online RPG using the standard updater. This version 1.3.0 upgrade implements a truly humongous number of improvements, gameplay and balance tweaks, interface enhancements, bug fixes and other changes as detailed in the release notes.

View: Release Notes

Download: World of Warcraft US/AU retail patch v1.3.0

News source: 3D Gamers

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So I assume you guys don't think WoW having at least 3 times more subscribers than EQ2 has anything to do with bugs or server downtime.

Or perhaps EQ2 is Sony's second attempt to get this type of game right, whereas Blizzard is on their first attempt.

Making generalizations about what kind of person plays each game does nothing but hurt your credibility.