Xandros Acquires Linspire

Linux distribution maker Xandros announced today that it had acquired Linspire, developer of the Click'N'Run software distribution facility and the Linspire and Freespire Linux desktop operating systems. The company hopes to integrate Linspire's CNR technology with its own digital software distribution service to speed up Xandros' expansion into the applications space and create a "one-stop Linux solutions company," according to its press release.

"Xandros has emerged as a leader in the OEM, mobility, desktop and PC management and application business, so I'm excited to see the Linspire technology, including CNR, go to a worthy competitor that shares our vision," said Linspire Founder & Chairman Michael Robertson.

Thanks for the tip, gnuman!

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Xandros has made inroads with being more Microsoft friendly but Freespire was gaining popularity once it was launched as being a free product derived from Linspire...

Frankly we need to see more acquisitions and cut down the number of distros... Just look at how many there are in Distrowatch and quite frankly it is just sad.

"Xandros has emerged as a leader in the OEM, mobility, desktop and PC management and application business"

Thank God for freedom of speech. Otherwise, people couldn't make up total crap like that and hope that someone actually believes it.

(gnuman said @ #2)
Darnit can't I for once get traffic to my site from this place? :angry:

It will take more than a vanilla Joomla setup with reposted news stories to entice people to your site.

That, and Neowin is a site where you contribute to stories and help the community. Not a website that is used to drag traffic to your site.