Xbox 360 debuts new sci-fi TV series Nuclear Family


Microsoft has been trying for years to make the Xbox 360 console more than just a game system. Today, it was revealed that the console will get a two week exclusive for a new sci-fi TV series from the SyFy cable TV network.

The show is called Nuclear Family and all 20 episodes are now available to watch on the Xbox 360's Syfy video app. The app is available for people who subscribe to the paid Xbox Live Gold service. IGN reports that the series will be made available in other Internet media outlets, including the official website, on October 15th.

The series itself has some well known actors in lead roles, including Twin Peaks' Ray Wise, NYPD Blue's Sharon Lawrence and Parker Lewis himself, Corin Nemec. Nuclear Family centers on (what else) a family after some kind of apocalypse has hit the Earth.

Microsoft may soon be producing its own original TV shows for the Xbox 360 console, and its successor. In September, the company hired former CBS executive Nancy Tellem as its new Entertainment & Digital Media president. Tellem will lead a team in Los Angeles that will be charged with the creation of "... interactive and linear content for Xbox and other devices."

Source: IGN

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No SyFy app in the UK either, so must be a US thing? Mind you I am not seeing it on my US account, unless thats because I don't have gold on that account?

They will probably start adding commercials once they get shows on there to pay for itself. I have no qualms.

I'm going to guess US only. On the Syfy page it states "See it first on Syfy's XBOX 360 App starting Monday" Pretty sure in Australia their is no Syfy app available.

th3r3turn said,
Um question US olny??

You really are not missing anything. I watched 10 of the "Episodes" last night after reading about it here on neowin. I was disappointed not because I didn't like the show, but because of the microsode format! They are all under 5 minutes and you have to sit through the same commercial for Alphas before each one.
It looks like they took the pilot for a new series and broke it up in to 20 microsodes, which for me is really annoying! I might have even paid for it if it was a real series. I'm all in for apocalyptic shows. Next to space SciFi it's my favorite genre :-/