Xbox 360 Elite Systems Spied on Chinese Production Line

Xbox 360 Elite systems on a Chinese production line have been caught on camera. The images not only show the sleek, black exterior of the Xbox 360 Elite, but a close-up image shows the 120GB hard disk drive (HDD) fitted atop the console. Further confirmation of the Xbox 360 Elite came over the weekend from Dean Takahashi, the man at The Mercury News who was the first to break the news of the Xbox 360's upcoming IPTV service. Likewise, promotional materials from Gamestop have been spotted which detail the 120GB which will be made available as a stand-alone upgrade for current Xbox 360 owners.

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News source: DailyTech

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ok heres the rule for april fools day

your only allowed to tell the joke on april fools day and "get them" with the punch time between 12am to 12pm but spose for most its all 24 hours.

If its not all done on the 1st of april then the person/ppl who said it is the fool and gets rediculed for being stupid.


Likewise, promotional materials from Gamestop have been spotted which detail the 120GB which will be made available as a stand-alone, $599 dollar upgrade for current Xbox 360 owners.


omgbomb said,
should have the hd-dvd drive built in..

OK but as long as you supply the $250+ extra to all the costumers then we are good to go!

omgbomb said,
should have the hd-dvd drive built in..

It would probably be counter productive to do so and would probably harm sales since it would push the price up a lot closer to the PS3, so people have less incentive to choose the 360.

In the UK PS3s can be had for £399 already and a premium xbox is around £280. The elite version will probably cost somewhere in the region of £300-£330 I would imagine (thats a guesstimate) simply because its a newer product and there will be demand for it.. Add a HD-DVD drive to that and your more in line with what the price of the PS3 can be had for. This is a price bracket MS do not want to be in given the brand power alone of the PS3. People think it's an odd omission but I think its a cunning strategy on Microsoft's part. The same goes for Wifi. Most people are still on wired networks so won't need it, so why include it to only push the price up. MS will only put a HD drive (be it HD-DVD or blueray) and wifi for that matter in the 360 when its cost productive to do so.

A big chunk of the PS3 cost comes from the blueray drive, this cost is passed onto the consumer who would rather not pay so much for a console when a cheaper product is available hence sales are knocked. Sony would have been better off giving the cheapo (I say that but its not really) PS3 a larger hard drive but exclude the Blueray drive. I gamble you a PS3 without a Blueray drive, hence a cheaper product would do far better than what the current set up is doing. The only real reason the PS3 has a Blueray drive even in the cheaper model is because sony can use it as a torjan horse to give Blueray a head start and to market it on top of the Playstation brand. Marketing it as a separate entity would be much harder and more costly to Sony since it is not an obvious technology like HD-DVD is to general members of the public.

well i hope that microsoft in those new black version fixed all those red ring light of death problem that its plaged with the console

Man I just bought a 360. Should of kept up on the console news. More into IT tech news. Oh well you live and let learn.

But one has to wonder if this going to be a new console fad like a pc. Buy our newest model to be kept up to date one has to wonder.

Rudy said,
i personally think the white one looks much better

Agreed, if they would have did a glass black to go with that chrome dvd tray I think I would be in love

Amongst the top 10 reason they choose black as the colour for the "elite" models:

#1 Black and red look better together.


About time. 20 gb with a lot of that space unusable is poor. Oh and whoever took those photos was rather stupid to leave the date and time on them. Surely now they can track down who had access to that facility at that time and narrow down the list of possible leakers?

Even if they knew who all was in the building at the time they don't have a way to know exactly where each person would have been at a certain time. So there's no real way to prove who took the pictures.