Xbox 360 Sales Up by 214%

Microsoft has announced that new figures published by Chart Track have revealed a massive 214% rise in sales for the Xbox 360 in the last two weeks. The console also outsold the PlayStation 3 by more than two-to-one in the UK. Chris Lewis, Vice President, Interactive Entertainment Business EMEA, said: "This data shows that the Xbox 360 trajectory continues upwards, and not just in the UK. We've seen uplift in all countries in Europe and are confident that even at this rate of growth we can keep retail satisfied with a steady supply of consoles throughout the Christmas season."

Lewis continued, "Our commitment to continuously improving and innovating new content, our new high-profile marketing campaign and the fact that we're now the best-value next-gen console on the market with an entry-level ERP of £129.99 combine to make Xbox 360 the right blend of gaming and wider experiences at the right price to offer unparalleled entertainment for everyone. And these figures prove it."

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And it's check mate! The numbers are increasing exponentially too in both Europe and US.

$199 Xbox 360 playing all the hottest next-gen titles is a kiss of death for PS3.. they might as well say good night.

Errr... not really, no, developers haven't stopped doing games for the PS3 overnight.

The selling wars should be a company thing, not a user thing, except fanboys who say "my console sells better than yours, so it's definately the best"

Or did you forget about the Wii?

Without actual sales figures, that is a meaningless statistic. Could easily just mean that, a month ago, they sold only one unit, but in the last two weeks this rose to a whopping 3.14 units.

Looks like the Chart Track numbers are confidential, though.

Note that the original article says that it outsold "the PS3 by more than two-to-one", so the data is at least meaningful for purposes of comparison, even if it might not be possible to get exact numbers. If the PS3 is really only selling 1.57 units in the UK in the past two weeks, I think Sony has got a serious problem. But that seems like a ludicrous idea.

You dont believe it? Maybe 214% is a bit high, but now with the $199.99 price tag, I know several people that have gone out and bought one, and more who talk about buying one each time I see them. I'm sure this has happened in other areas as well.