Exclusive: Xbox 360 Sky TV channels and prices revealed

Neowin member Liam has tipped us off to some big news for those waiting on the Sky TV announcements for Xbox 360.

According to Liam, over at http://xbox.sky.com there's a bunch of XML data which feeds the Sky Player application. Currently it's providing data for Live TV channels that are available. The following channels will be available:

  • G.O.L.D
  • Sky Real Lives
  • Sky Arts 1
  • Sky Movies 1 & 2
  • Sky Sports 1, 2, 3 and Xtra
  • Sky Sports News
  • British Eurosport
  • ESPN
  • ESPN Classic
  • Sky News
  • National Geographic
  • National Geographic Wild
  • History
  • Eden
  • Cartoon Network
  • Boomerang
  • Disney Channel

Sky 1 is missing from the Live channel list but under "TV on demand" Sky 1, Baby TV and Biography are listed. Some of the help text describes the new features well:

Watch thousands of hours of TV programmes and movies on demand. There's catch-up TV from Sky1 and a great selection from National Geographic Channel, History and others. Plus over 500 great movies, from indies to blockbusters, courtesy of Sky Movies and Sky Box Office. If you're a Sky digital satellite customer you can watch programmes from channels in your TV package for free. For example, if you're a Sky1 subscriber, Sky1's top shows are available to watch online for free for 30 days after they first aired. Plus you can choose from a great catalogue of programmes to rent or buy, all within Sky Player on your Xbox 360.

Non Sky Customers

If you're not a Sky customer you can watch Sky TV programmes without a dish or long term contract. With a monthly subscription you can watch selected channels live on your Xbox 360 plus a selection of programmes to watch on demand. Minimum contract term of just one month applies and you can rent or buy single episodes with no commitment.


Even if you are not a Sky digital customer, you can now subscribe to Sky Player TV from £15/€18 a month for the Entertainment Pack. This includes the live broadcast of over 20 channels including National Geographic, ESPN Classic, G.O.L.D. and Disney Channel. You are also entitled to the free content available from these channels. You can also choose to upgrade this package to include Sky's premium channels Sky Movies and Sky Sports, making a total of 21 live channels for your delectation. If you subscribe to Sky Multiroom account then you can watch all the live channels in your pack on your Xbox 360, at no extra cost! Sky Multiroom or Sky Broadband Unlimited customers can also watch Live TV on their Xbox 360's at no extra charge. All other Sky TV customers can subscribe to watch Live TV on Sky Player for £9.75/€14.75 a month.

Sky originally announced the Sky Player back in May this year, it's currently planning to launch the player later this month.

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So having paid good money for a 40/42/46" TV, it's now a good idea to watch Sky content in SD with the actual programme taking up about about half the viewable screen area, thanks to the avatars and not-so-fancy graphics filling up the rest of the screen?

On top of that, with it being Sky Player, it will be compressed for streaming, so the quality won't be as good as brodcast TV anyway.


I'm looking forward to the Sky Movies on-demand feature.
Already a multi-room + Movies Pack customer, so should be free for me:).

Will be much better being able to watch on TV, instead of PC.

You can also choose to upgrade this package to include Sky's premium channels Sky Movies and Sky Sports, making a total of 21 live channels for your delectation.

Yes, but HOW much more? That's what I want to know. Seen as I can't get Sky through a dish, I'd be interested in getting this. I already pay £15 a month for an extra Virgin box, so the first £15 doesn't effect me in the slightest.

So being a HD subscriber with no multiroom or broadband but subbing to all the movies and sports I will still have to pay?

I called Sky this morning regarding this as I was advised it would be out today (16th) but the person there just said it would be "sometime this month, maybe" and couldnt advise if I had to pay or not.

I never watch Sky1 shows live anyway, so not having a live channel, but still offering their top shows on a catch up service suits me just fine.

If you are a Sky subscriber what's the point of it being on yer XBOX360. If not and you have to pay £15/month you may as well get a Sky Dish.

This is pointless.

What's the price for non sky members who want sports? And are they going to make us subscribe to the entertainment pack to get the sports?

All I want is the sports channels. It hasn't been worth me getting Sky just for it, and it probably wont be worth me getting it on Sky Player because they're going to make you subscribe to everything.

Looks like its back to justin.tv for me?

to get the sports you have to have the base package - so yes to get sports channels is not as cheap as they make out.

I believe this is currently under review whether it is legal for them to do this. As like you said you may just want the sky sports but they effectively make you pay for xyz you don't want first.

Ah... as I mentioned above. There may be hope here in the US.

From Xbox 360 Sees Record Growth in 2009 May 28, 2009

...with Xbox LIVE now considered the world's largest global entertainment network.
Xbox LIVE reaches 26 countries worldwide and is now in more homes than any satellite television provider. Before the end of the year, the number of Xbox LIVE members will surpass the number of subscribers to the largest cable provider.

They way I see it is.. MS basically has thrown down the gauntlet and needs to continue getting cable/satellite companies on board before their competitors do. It only makes sense that something like Sky will happen here in US and/or Canada sooner rather than later.

when is this going to be available? I haven't used the 360 in at least 2 weeks.. lol last time it wasn't there.

Razor_D said,
27th October :)

sweet... so with the subscription if you invite someone to watch the game they still have to pay?

Thing is this is just like having the sky player on you your xbox.

I have my sky player on my laptop and my g/f laptop as well.

So if i travel away or am on the train and I can get wifi I watch football and some movies.

Sky have really done a big thing with this as people who can't get a dish due to porperty reason can now get it on the net.

Not sure how the 360 will hold up though being on all that time.

Actually, MS announced a couple days before E3 this year that they expect to be the largest media conduit before years end beating the largest cable or satellite broadcasters worldwide.

I wonder if something is in the works with Dish or DirecTV for US? I'd drop my Time Warner if they had sports and news along with a decent price.

Hmmm, clear as mud. :)

I subscribe to the full package currently, and have three Sky boxes in the house. total montly sub being close to £100.
Does this mean I get all of this on my Xbox free of charge?

Ryster, as I am aware and from the text above, if you have Sky Multiroom or Broadband Unlimited you will get the Sky TV Service through your 360 for Free.

In our household, we have Sky+ Box in the front room and I have Sky+ HD in my bedroom, we pay for multiroom (which I presume you do too as you have 3 sky boxes) so we get the Sky TV service through our 360's for free.

I can only see this being used if watching a football match with mates over comms on Xbox Live, otherwise I wont really use it! As we are all generally online and chatting about the footy if we aint watching it around mine or another mates!