Xbox 360 top selling US console for 26th consecutive month

Even with all of the recent talk about next generation consoles, Microsoft continues to top the sales charts for its nearly eight year old Xbox 360 console in the US. The company announced Thursday that, according to data from the NPD Group, 302,000 units of the Xbox 360 console were sold in the US in February 2013. That's the 26th straight month that the console has outsold all current generation consoles.

Microsoft added that the total number of money spent on Xbox 360 related items (hardware, software and accessories) also exceeded all other consoles in the US but did not give an exact number for February 2013. Microsoft sold 426,000 consoles in February 2012, and at the time it said it had revenues of $383 million for Xbox 360 related items.

It was not good news for the overall games industry for February. GamesIndustry International reports that US video game sales came in at $810 million for February 2013, down 25 percent from February 2012.  EA's Dead Space 3 was the number one best selling game in the US last month, followed by Call of Duty: Black Ops II, Crysis 3, NBA 2K13, and Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.

Nintendo's Wii U console apparently did better in February than it did in January, where it reportedly sold just 57,000 units. The NPD Group said that the Wii U saw an sales increase of over 40 percent last month but did not give a specific figure.

Source: Microsoft | Image via Microsoft

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I will repeat, MS is willing to give away the real number of xbox 360 sold however, they are pretty reserved to give the real number of surface rt and surface pro sold.

Brony said,
I will repeat, MS is willing to give away the real number of xbox 360 sold however, they are pretty reserved to give the real number of surface rt and surface pro sold.

And I'm sure we are all aware the Surface is not selling and Xbox is. But in return I will start saying that the original Xbox also didn't sell well either. Things change.

I will also say that things didn't change for Zune. So its impossible to predict how things will look in 5 years from now. All we can judge is how things are looking today and honestly Windows 8 is a mixed bag. If they improve on a few ket aspects then things could become really interesting.

Right on. Although I would have thought less people would be gobbling them up seeing is the new one will be out soon. Then we'll see some numbers skyrocket.

TurboShrimp said,
or plummet if people buy now they are not going to rebuy in a few months only a few hard core kids

Yeah that's true. Didn't think of it like that.
I'd imagine tons of the sales are parents buying the XBOX for their kids, and they ain't going to be spending money on a new console so soon. Unless the kids jump up and down screaming for the new XBOX after it's released, lol.

Well with the new stuff starting to get unveiled, the market is sure to slow down a lot.

I'm sure the used gaming market is going to start skyrocketing soon. I'll be looking to dump off my 360 and PS3 soon to get ready for the new stuff.

The internet: Don't you distract me with this fact nonsense, the Xbox is still a failure and Microsoft sould have never gotten into the console market </s>

I realise you're being sarcastic and all, but seriously - who has actually ever said that? I've seen people argue until they're blue in the face about which console is better, but I've never seen anyone outright claim the 360 is a failure.