Xbox 360 Update Adds DRM 'Features'

A couple of members have notice a new addition to their 360's since the update this morning. Media is now tagged with a "Does not expire" message. Obviously this could only mean one thing, DRM for downloads.

Our best guess is that new media downloads will now contain expiration's dates after they hit your hard drive from the market place. This means you wont be able to continue playing that same demo over and over again without finally going out to buy the game. It's a smart more for MS to help aid in the purchase of games after they are pimped on the Marketplace. It is also a win for magazines like OXM, who rely on demos to boost their own magazine sales with promises of exclusive demos. Now these demos could be considered more valuable since the content on the disc can not be deleted.

This could also be an indication of things to come for the Marketplace. It would make perfect sense to enable this feature for future downloads of music, TV, and movies as well. Most journalists know that the 360 would be a perfect platform for delivering more then just gaming content, and with the Sony PS3 around the corner this could be a first move into the entertainment download arena. I suppose only time will tell.

News source: 2 Old 2 Play

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oh well who cares. its a good idea, if you have a demo for a month or 2 and still dont buy it, then you obviously dont like it enough or cant afford it, so move on.

this would suck for demos i still play the NBA 2K7 demo because i can't convince friends to buy the game to have someone to play with. I would buy Fight Night Round 3 if it came down more in price. i will wait till a new version if i have to :P

yes for zune and also to bring the media center thing to your home.. i can see itunes getting a big blow outta this because now movies/tv shows can be sent to xbox watchd in HD on ur tv kinda like a rental 3$? and then after 48h or so it gets deleted.

Demos ARE NOT COVERED BY THIS. It's purely for videos at the moment.

You can tell they are going to offer TV Shows, Movies or both.

TV Shows may be time limited (with some shows free - as a taster) and Movies could either be rented or purchased.

It's just allows them to do it if they want to. I find it very unlikely that any games company would want to stop people using their trailer - that's just stupid.

don't see what you're complaining about! One demo expires, another one is released... just move on and play a different game, or buy the game you liked.

Agreed. What the hell's wrong with buying a good game? If it's a good game, it's worth spending a few quid getting it. Stay in one night, save some money on booze and buy the game

btw... "Now these demos could be considered more valuable since the content on the disc can not be deleted. " stupid comment, they can still be time locked! make them look up against a CRM server to make sure the DRM timebomb stamp says this demo can still play... they do it already in windows media with DRM! it checks against a server doesnt mater if its on a cd or Hard drive... it still wont play if the server talks back saying "expired"

Not really. What they were referring to was "OXB Game Disc -- Unlimited Time Game Demos!!". On XBL, some game demos would be timed, and OXB can offer unlimited time game demos, boosting their magazine (which in turn boosts game sales, because of the reviews and such).

wow gee didnt see this coming :rollseyes: I warned you guys about this back when XBOX360 was about to come out about the market place, but no one believed me that it would ever happen... I knew MS had this on the table forever... if you actually look at the data behind the market place all the content has always been timebomb stamped! although most of it now is decades in the future, it already had this feature available and ready to use...

I never expected to see DRM on the 360. This is going to be a real kick in the teeth for lots of 360 owners, including me. I do hope the DRM doesn't apply to demos as well.

Quote - PureLegend said @ #1.1
I belive Table Tennis is already time limited

Yes, is certainly is and it certainly didn't work any more for me after fired it up a couple of weeks ago before I bought it.

A message appears on screen, something along the lines of "all good things must come to and end" IIRC.