Xbox 360's new Machinima app is first to launch worldwide

Usually when Microsoft launches a new streaming media app for its Xbox 360 console, the app can only be accessed by a few countries where the console is sold. This week, Microsoft launched the first Xbox 360 app that has gone live for all of the countries and territories that sell the console.

The app is Machinima, and as the Major Nelson site reports, it offers all of the content available on the very popular YouTube channel, including gaming news, trailers, and original content such as 2012's Halo: Forward Unto Dawn series, Mortal Kombat: Legacy and its upcoming sequel. Xbox 360 users with Xbox Live Gold subscriptions can share videos in the Machinima app with others on Facebook.

Microsoft will also be live streaming the fifth annual Revolver Golden Gods Awards Show for Xbox 360 owners on Thursday. The awards, held in Los Angeles, are meant to honor the best bands in hard rock and heavy metal. The event starts streaming at 4 pm Eastern Time on Thursday with red carpet coverage, followed by the awards themselves at 5 pm Eastern Time. Xbox SmartGlass app users can also get some "second screen" content from the awards, including backstage interviews, online polls and more.

Source: Major Nelson | Image via Machinima

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Looks like a very nice app, however I dislike Machinima's tie in contracts they force on content holders, so if I had an xbox I'd never use it.

How is the idea stupid? You might not use it but there are literally F loads of guys who love machina and having the experience on their console would be very beneficial.

ba55meister said,
Another pointless fart from Microsoft. They clearly has a lof of money to spend but their ideas are stupid

No doubt. I never find anything I like on those music or video apps, so I uninstall right away, and don't even bother any more.
I don't think I've tried an app that I found truly useful on XBOX.

I remember when iPod came out, I severely underestimated how much people loved their music. It's easy to severely underestimate how much people love games also. I never play games on my tablet or phone, and was surprised to see how enormous that market is. Even though a lot of folks would find this pointless, you'd be amazed at how many will love it.

ba55meister said,
Another pointless fart from Microsoft. They clearly has a lof of money to spend but their ideas are stupid

Yea, because it isn't like Red Vs. Blue and other projects are at any way popular or anything.

I happen to visit machinima on a regular basis and having it on my xbox 360 should make thing really convenient when I want to watch the vids on the fly on the big screen.