Xbox Live Arcade Wednesday - Track & Field, Summer of Fun!

Tomorrow Xbox Live Arcade users will finally get their button smashing needs filled when the long awaited Konami Coin-Op classic Track & Field gets released for 400 MS points!

Featuring the original game of course, with "enhanced graphics" aka less blocky pixels, Track & Field for XBLA will have the standard button smashing action of the original arcade classic, and will also feature 4 player multiplayer either on Xbox Live or on the same console. The game will also support using the left analog stick instead of smashing your buttons, which might work out better in the long run, unless you want to get serious cramps in your hands or like breaking controllers.

Also announced were a literal plethora of Xbox Live Arcade games coming out over the next however long for the "Summer" fun season. Here is the list of games coming to XBLA during August:

  • Ecco the Dolphin (Sega)
  • Hexic 2 (Carbonated Games)
  • War World (UbiSoft)

Also coming soon to XBLA are:
  • Geon: Emotions (Eidos)
  • Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords (D3)
  • Space Giraffe (Llamasoft)
  • Streets of Rage 2 (Sega)
  • Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix (Capcom)

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faraaz said,
haha, ive played all of these since we get all xbox live arcade betas at work! puzzle fighter 2 is awesome!

I hate you. So how's Hexic 2 play? And War World? Buahahhaa!

Good to see Track & Field on Arcade but wish more of the rereleases were enhanced versions (jetpac / pop) alongside originals rather than 'enhanced graphics' though. Really looking forward to Space Giraffe after reading about development in Edge. It'd be good to know the release dates a little further in advance than Mon / Tues though - I'm sure MS must know when they're releasign stuff? Sounded like Space Giraffe was finished in the last column and that was probably written weeks before the mag hit the shelves. Probably buy Hexic 2 too.

LOC said,

I hate you. So how's Hexic 2 play? And War World? Buahahhaa!

War world for some strange reason is not on there anymore, but Hexic 2 is. It was cool but not my type of game. That and I sucked :P I got crushed by the computer and they stole my area and locked some of my things somehow *sigh* didnt even make the leaderboard or get any achievements in three games... oh well still got puzzle fighter and puzzle quest to pwn in, haha