Xbox Live is currently down; no word on cause [Update: back up]

Owners of Microsoft's Xbox 360 console are currently experiencing some unexpected issues when trying to connect online. Microsoft's Xbox Live service is down at the moment, meaning that tens of millions of Xbox 360 owners can't access online multiplayer or the many streaming video features and apps.

The support page shows the downtime issues. Microsoft states on the page, "We are aware of the problem and are working to resolve the issue. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your patience." There's no word as to the cause of the outage.

Other online services that Microsoft runs, including its Zune service, seem to be unaffected by the problems that Xbox Live is currently experiencing. We will update this post when there is any change in the status of Xbox Live.

Update: The status page has changed to show that the Xbox Live service is back up for people who are signing into the service from an Xbox 360 console, but its still showing it is down for users who sign into the website.

Update 2: The status page now shows that all of Xbox Live is up and running again.

Source: support page | Image via Microsoft

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Nayos said,
It WAS down earlier, but it's been back over an hour.

@majornelson is still reporting that there are outages; his last tweet was 15 minutes ago.

~Johnny said,
Been on Live for the last 4 hours

LIVE works in a way that if there are sign-in issue often-times users who are already signed in and remain signed-in will not notice the issue. If you sign out and try to sign back in however, well that's a different story.

It's why on these stories you will often see comments like yours.

Shane Nokes said,

I've actually been signing in and out quite a bit too, mostly due to playing around with smartglass