Xbox Live Marketplace: Oops! Some limited content for all

Xbox Live Marketplace was just recently made available on the Xbox Live website. Instead of having to browse, purchase, and queue the content on the Xbox 360 directly, you can find content and queue downloads to your 360 with a few clicks (and spend your points even quicker!) A probable unforeseen bonus for many (which will be fixed soon more than likely) is most people can now receive some limited content!

There are many scenarios where a user could receive a special code for limited content; preorders and limited edition games often come with some extras. When you use these codes on the browser based version of Xbox Live Marketplace, it has been found that it takes you to a publicly available URL to purchase and queue the content! What does this mean for you? At this point, it seems a lot of content that has been recently removed from the marketplace (Left 4 Dead demo, recently removed for those who missed it) are still available, as well as other limited content such as Call of Duty 4 Picture pack, Gold Plated Lancer Assault Rifle for Gears of War 2, Bungie Day '07 content, and more being found as the day progresses. Several downloads were found that cost 99999 points as well (what a deal!) There is a group of people on SlickDeals who are gathering a list of this extra content as it is found.

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Yeah, it's too bad. I never buy an Xbox 360 game without first trying out the demo. Guess I won't be buying this one.

It appears that people in the UK can access it by changing the URL a bit

Look for the bit that says en-US and change it to en-GB

Well it worked for the Golden Lancer anyway

Not High, It's Microsofts responsibility.

If there's a loop hole in there service they shouldn't ban others for using the loop hole!

I can't see them going ban crazy. What about the people that, in the craze of the new release, innocently downloaded some of these "special" downloads.

How will they be able to separate the innocent from the not-so-innocent?

I can't get anything except for one CoD5 weapon...I managed to add the Lancer to my queue but when I went to download it on the Xbox it said it cannot download. Darn.

"That offer is not valid in your region."
"That offer is not valid in your region."
"That offer is not valid in your region."


For alot of it you can just create a US live account and get the content. Doesn't all work but I got a few US only items.

Infact I've had a US, UK and Korean account for some time in addition to my Australian one in order to take advantage of region specific offers.

They fixed it and everything everybody got was taken away heh. Also all that content does work anywhere, you just have to get it the way it's meant to.

its ok this is one of the ways that microsoft will try to milk you dry. they figure if enough peole liked these thngs then why not try to make a profit off of it. so prbably and possibly they will make a re release of these demos or add ons that are not currently available. Dont get me wrong i like micrsoft and xbox live...

yo man i tried to download the Left 4 Dead demo and it ****ing said "this offer is not valid in your region". Wtf can any 1 tell me wat region works?

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